Top 5 Staking Tokens in 2022 For Crypto Investors

As DeFi value surged to over $200 billion USD, total value locked, staking became one of the most attractive methods to generate passive income and enjoy returns on investment in the year 2021. It is identical to having a typical bank savings account, except that instead of earning 2% or 3% interest on the money, one may earn as much as 5-30% or even 100% interest on specific crypto platforms.

Since investors prefer to hang on to their crypto assets rather than sell them at a loss, staking becomes prevalent in bad markets. The five most significant cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in 2022 are listed on this page.

Terra ($LUNA)

According to industry statistics, Terra (LUNA) reached a new high of $20.05 billion in total value locked (TVL) across its 13 product lines.

Similarly, Terra’s native coin, LUNA, is constantly rising in value, now trading above $90, a 12,000% rise from $0.7 in January 2021. With a market worth of $34.8 billion, it is currently among the top ten crypto ventures. LUNA has an annual staking payout of roughly 12.10 percent, making it one of the finest cryptos to stake.


JEDSTAR is a new effort, but its creative approach to some of the industry’s most urgent concerns is already making headlines. Concepts such as NFT author royalties, mobile mining to help people in need, and preventing “pump and dump” tactics are just a few.

$KRED- their ‘Currency as a Service’ is the cherry on top. Game developers may utilize a plug-and-play approach to transform their game into a true GameFi game and access a worldwide currency with this first project independent cryptocurrency.

The token started at about $0.0001, reaching an all-time high of $1.13 in late November, and is now at a reasonable entry level of $0.39. The JEDSTAR STARSTAKING platform ( allows users to stake $JED for $KRED rewards. Reward levels range from 5x (500%) for 30 days to 120x (120,000%) a year.

PancakeSwap ($CAKE)

PancakeSwap is a fun and popular staking tool that allows users to stake CAKE coins. When they bet their CAKE coins, they may earn more CAKE or other currencies.

Transaction costs on Binance Smart Chain are much cheaper than on Ethereum. PancakeSwap prizes may be claimed or reinvested into the platform. The CAKE coin has an annual return of 31–42 percent, making it one of the finest crypto staking currencies available.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB)

The SHIB token was created to outperform Dogecoin. With the ShibaSwap exchange launch, SHIB holders may now stake (bury) and farm (dig) their tokens.

SHIB holders may stake (bury) their Shiba coins on the ShibaSwap exchange for BONE tokens and 0.03 percent of ETH swap transaction fees.

Solana ($SOL)

Solana is a scalable blockchain built for efficiency. Solana’s minimal costs and speedy transactions enable this scalability. Solana is #7 in terms of the crypto market cap. SOL is an excellent staking currency due to its cheap transaction fees and fast transfers. Most transactions take seconds.

Investors that delegate their interest to Solana validators will be able to share in the benefits. Those who stake their coins with Solana may anticipate 7–11% yearly profits.




Author: Traciwininger

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