Top 2 Cryptocurrencies You Can Stake: Adirize DAO And Solana

Holding cryptocurrency over the long term has proven to be a successful trading strategy for generating a return on investment, despite the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market. While some crypto traders actively try to profit from market volatility, many are just seeking a more passive strategy to increase their portfolios.

Staking assets is regarded as one of the best ways for cryptocurrency investors to earn passive income among the options available. Adirize DAO (ADI) and Solana (SOL) are two top cryptocurrency assets you can earn passively by staking. Keep reading to learn more about these crypto assets and how they can help you earn passively by staking them. 

Solana (SOL) – the crypto with staking benefits

Created explicitly for launching decentralized applications (dapps), Solana (SOL) is a blockchain-based smart contracts platform. The on-chain transactions and network fees are handled by the native cryptocurrency of Solana, SOL, a stakable token. Users participating in the network as validators or delegated stakers can earn Solana staking incentives. Transaction processing and network upkeep are the responsibilities of the validators. SOL owners that want to participate in staking rewards are referred to as delegates.

On Solana, the incentives systems for validators and delegators are balanced. The more SOL a validator has delegated, the more chances they have to log transactions on the blockchain, increasing incentives for both the validator and delegator. In response, validators can cut back on the commissions they receive from delegators to remain competitive with other validators. Staking incentives are dynamic and alter in relation to the number of tokens staked out of the total current supply of SOL under the staking dilution structure. The adjusted staking yield of Solana determines the staking rewards for validators and delegators. According to Staking Rewards, the current annual percentage yield (APY) for delegated staking is approximately 6.41 percent, with the majority of validators currently levying a 10 percent charge.

Adirize DAO Token (ADI), the new crypto with so many benefits

To achieve the status of a  store of value, Adirize DAO uses staking as its primary resource for value accumulation. Staking ADI tokens is a simple procedure. Users can either exchange their liquidity for ADI or acquire ADI on the open market. Then, using the Adirize DAO app, you stake your ADI in exchange for rewards like additional ADI that the Treasury receives from bond sales. The rewards for staking at Adirize are usually very substantial. It is possible for there to be such a big profit for staking ADI because of the price differential between market ADI and backing per ADI. As a result, ADI will have plenty of room to increase issuance to dilute the supply. Due to the lower ADI price volatility and more substantial incentives for stakeholders, participants are more likely to increase their ADI holdings.

Staking is a long-term, passive approach. As your ADI investment grows, your cost basis will decrease until it converges to zero. This means that even if the market price of ADI decreases below the price at which you initially purchased it, with enough time for staking, the growth in your staked ADI balance should eventually outweigh the price decrease. When you stake, you receive an equivalent amount of ADI and lock ADI. At the end of every epoch, your ADI balance is automatically rebased. Since ADI is a transferable protocol, it can be used with other DeFi protocols. Unstaking results in the burning of ADI and the receipt of ADI in equal measure. Finally, If you purchase Adirize DAO tokens during stage 2 of the presale, you will receive 5 additional percent of tokens. If you purchase stage 1, you will receive a 7% bonus in Adirize DAO tokens.

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