NutGain Introduce Their Staking Platform And NFT Marketplace

Revolutionary blockchain ecosystem, NutGain, announces the launch of their staking platform and NFT marketplace for crypto enthusiasts worldwide

The NutGain team is reiterating their commitment to delivering a unique, all-inclusive experience to blockchain enthusiasts across the globe as the groundbreaking project recently announced the launch of their Staking platform and user-friendly marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The first decentralized staking dApps that provides earnings as high as 60%APR comes with multiple periods of staking options to increase the percentage of dividends for investors. In a related development, there is the Nutgain Token ($NUTG), a utility token with its own ecosystem starting from staking platform.

We have launched staking as our first project, as multiple products in ecosystem are in motion to get launched in period of first 90 days, then retention of token with staking gives user added advantage of passive income and could be multifold considering product launch, low market cap and unique product launches.

The virtual space continues to expand amidst the emergence of innovative projects to meet the growing and diverse needs of different stakeholders. One of the major challenges faced by crypto investors is growing their portfolio without being overly exposed to risks. Consequently, NutGain seeks to bring this experience to as many people as possible.

Features of NutGain staking platform include dual staking with Nutgain and BNB, live reward counter, and a total of 400 million tokens reserved exclusively for rewards over a period of time. Early users will particularly gain from the platform, as staking will be on a first come and first serve basis, with limited spots.

The NutGain NFT Marketplace is the first-of-its-kind platform with at least three unique ways of trading/holding/minting NFTs. The platform has been carefully curated to accommodate raffle, discounts and offers on NFTs, specializing in ancient civilisation based metaverse digital assets. NutGain has already associated itself with renowned international artists, who would be using the NFT Marketplace to launch and showcase their artwork. Every NFT purchase using $NUTG will enjoy up to 15% discount off the list price. There is also a user loyalty program based on the number of transactions made by users using a wallet.

Other aspects of the NutGain ecosystem are the NutGain DeFi Wallet, NutGain DeFi Exchange, Zor Web 3.0, and NutGain Decentralized Hyper Ecommerce.

For further information about NutGain and to be a part of the revolutionary ecosystem, visit – NutGain can also be found across social media, including Telegram and Twitter.

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