(GNW) CODI Finance, Revolutionary IDO Launchpad On Solana Announces Launch of Staking Feature

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The staking option for $CODI, CODI Finance’s native token, is now available to the general public and, in particular, the CODI community.

CODI Finance’s staking feature is now available on the CODI platform, intending to reward $CODI holders with staking rewards for securing the ecosystem. CODI Finance has made significant progress toward its vision of becoming a leading DEX and IDO launchpad in the Solana ecosystem and DeFi at large since its inception in September 2021.

CODI has decided to take it a step further by introducing high APY staking options on the CODI platform. As the governance token, $CODI would play an essential role in the future of the CODI Finance ecosystem and provide early access to retail investors for projects launching through the CODI IDO launchpad.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Challenger are the five tiers of the staking feature. The Bronze tier is the lowest staking tier, requiring a minimum of 2000 $CODI tokens to be eligible, while the Silver tier is the next, requiring a minimum of 30,000 $CODI tokens. Gold, Diamond, and the highest staking tier, Challenger, require 150,000, 300,000, and 500,000 $CODI tokens. The APY on each tier varies, as do the staking rewards, depending on which tier is selected. Furthermore, once the IDO CODI launchpad is fully operational, members of the CODI community will be able to stake ‘$CODI’ to invest in projects and receive early allocations.

$CODI can be purchased on Raydium, a leading Solana decentralized exchange, and p2pb2b, a well-known centralized cryptocurrency exchange. CODI was also recently added to one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency ranking websites, Coingecko. Coingecko now allows the CODI finance community to track the daily price movement of $CODI and gain access to other CODI Finance data. 

CODI also intends to list with a centralized exchange ranked in the top 25 on CoinmarketCap and other decentralized exchanges in the Solana ecosystem in the future.

CODI seeks to transform the current Solana IDO launchpad landscape based in Solana. The CODI community will run and own the ecosystem with a DAO governance model. 

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