Degen Finance Completed 50 Epochs of 6 Hours Each and The New Strategic System

Degen Finance has recently completed 50 Paid Epochs without any breaks or hiccups along the way. Degen Finance represents a new way of interacting with the crypto world. The community is encouraged and educated to become smarter and practice safe staking transactions. The Degen Finance cryptocurrency is an algorithmic stablecoin based on the Fantom Opera Blockchain. Degen Finance is the only platform in the crypto ecosystem, as of now, which has a TBOND staking pool and a USDC pool.

Degen Finance maximizes profits with the help of a DEGEN-TOMB liquidity protocol which is executed in the Graveyard and earns DSHARE rewards that can be further connected to the Mortuary to increase overall returns.

Strategic Systems for the Community

DEGEN coin is pegged to TOMB, users need to take note of TOMB’s overall performance. The community can transact strategically with TOMB in which the Degen Finance team shares three for the users, in the event of changes in TOMB’s valuation.

There are three zones; Green, Orange, and Red. In the Green Zone, TWAP (time-weighted average price) is more than 2.0, which means that TOMB’s value is greater than DEGEN’s. This calls for responsible compounding of the pegged cryptocurrency.

In the Degen Finance system, users can buy and stake the Degen coins in DSHARE and earn rewards in DEGEN. The rewarded DEGEN coins can then be split into a liquidity pool (DEGEN-DSHARE or DEGEN-TOMB). Users can then stake these LP tokens in the Mortuary to further increase their profits. This is done to gradually decrease the price of DEGEN coin and bring it down to the Orange level.

The Orange represents a TWAP between 1 and 2, which means that DEGEN’s value is slightly above or equal to TOMB. In this zone, the team wants to stop splitting and selling the DEGEN tokens to sustain the healthy price. For this, the community can start with buying an equal amount of DEGEN and TOMB tokens and stake them in DEGEN-TOMB LP, followed by staking the rewards in the Mortuary.

The third zone is the Red Zone. Here, the team wants to increase DEGEN’s value to bring it again to the Orange Zone. When the TWAP is less than one, users are requested to buy DEGEN and TOMB tokens in equal amounts, followed by staking them in the DEGEN-TOMB liquidity pool. On the other hand, the team will focus on burning the DEGEN tokens and running raffles to increase the price.

Degen Finance Platform

Within the Degen Platform, the community will engage with different components, including Mortuary, Shares, and Bonds. A Mortuary is a Boardroom meant for depositing and withdrawing DSHARE tokens. The Mortuary is based on epochs, and each one lasts for 6 hours. People staking the tokens in the Mortuary can claim their reward after 2 epochs. The same dynamics are applied to the DEGEN token.

As the users stake their liquidity pool tokens, they can earn DSHARE tokens. Lastly, there are DBONDS that can only be purchased when the DEGEN’s value falls below the pegged currency’s value. According to the dynamics of the DEGEN’s value, the team will encourage the community to take certain actions and bring the value at the same level.

To Sum Up

Degen Finance offers solutions for its community to compound their investment automatically while remaining secure from the unprecedented market dynamics associated with the overall crypto world. The DEGEN token is pegged to TOMB, and this relationship is carefully monitored.

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