Cardano-Based Cardalonia Partners With Ready Player Me 70% Of Their Token Presale Allocation Filled

The Metaverse-based decentralized application (dApp) based on Cardano, Cardalonia (LONIA) keeps cementing its place in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector. The project recently partnered with cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me to provide LONIA holders with a feature that will enable them to customize their avatars.

Users with an associated Adahandle address and with LONIA token stake on the Cardalonia Vault will have access to the new feature. Ready Player Me is one of the most important projects in the Metaverse and NFT sectors having its avatars integrated with over 1,800 partners.

The project is constantly updating its platform to provide users with the latest features in terms of customization. LONIA holders will be able to view their avatars and tinker with their lightning, animation, trades, wardrobe, and much more, as seen below.

Avatar Viewer. Source: Ready Player Me Blog.

Here’s How You Can Join The Cardalonia (LONIA) Pre-Sale

This new partnership will bring more users into the Cardalonia ecosystem as the project continues with its LONIA token pre-sale. At the time of writing, 70% of the presale allocation of LONIA tokens has been filled with less than 7 days left for the presale.

The pre-sale is set to be completed over the coming week which gives interested investors a small window of opportunity to jump into the event and purchase LONIA tokens at a discount. These assets can be staked to earn a 20% annual percentage yield (APY) or used to access the Cardalonia Land NFT sale.

In order to access the LONIA pre-sale, investors visit this link and connect their wallets to send a minimum of 250 ADA to the pre-sale address. The tokens are being sold at a 1 ADA = 12 LONIA parity. In addition to the staking rewards, holders will have a voice and vote in shaping the future of the project as the token will allow them to participate in Cardalonia’s governance model.

The Cardano community is expecting the upcoming Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event “Vasil”. This network update will provide Cardano with better throughput and will optimize the blockchain by adding new features which have been called revolutionary in terms of development tools by Input Output Global.

This company is behind the development of Cardano, and they revealed that “Vasil” will increase the blockchain’s transaction speed and scalability making it ideal to run smart contracts and dApps with a native Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The update has been delayed for several weeks, as IOG wants to finalize and fix small testnet issues.

In July, and almost a year after the implementation of two major network upgrades, Cardano was leading in development activity. Thousands of projects have onboarded this blockchain because they believe it has the capabilities to support the new era of crypto as it enters the mainstream.

Cardano has managed to surpass Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) in development activity. This metric is poised to have a long-term impact on its ecosystem with the potential to make projects like Cardalonia leaders in their respective sectors.

Author: Traciwininger

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