Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, Bitgert – Here’s What’s Popping for These Crypto

Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, Bitgert – Here’s What’s Popping for These Crypto


March 23, 2022


The Bitgert Startup Studio will continue to launch almost on a daily basis.

The Bitgert (BRISE), Avalanche, Solana, and Cardano are some of the most discussed crypto projects of 2022. This is because of the massive developments they have been posting this year.

The Bitgert team has just launched a revolutionary gasless blockchain, while Cardano Hydra is a project to push the Cardano mainnet speed to a million TPS. Here is what is popping for these crypto projects:



This week has been fantastic for the Bitgert project as new projects from the Startup Studio have started launching on the Brise BRC20 blockchain. The exciting thing is that the crypto community has received these projects well, and this is visible from the huge capital raised by the Bitgert backed projects over the past few days.

So what’s popping for the Bitgert crypto? More new projects from the Bitgert Startup Studio will continue to launch almost on a daily basis. Brise Paradise is one of the latest projects to launch. The other exciting news coming from the Bitgert team is the crypto exchange launch, which is happening before the end of Q1. The launch of Roadmap V2.0 is another exciting news.



The Bitgert project has so much coming up, but the Centcex might be the next big thing. The Centcex project roadmap shows a project that is offering one of the largest ecosystems in the industry. The Centcex team is working on developing one of the largest products in the market. The next thing coming from the Centcex team is the launch of the products on the ecosystem. The Centcex exchange is one of the products, but the staking program might be launched earlier. The Centcex staking is also coming up.



There is so much that is happening at Solana, and one thing that stands out is the huge collection of the products coming on the chain. The Solana Riptide hackathon is the latest development that is projected to bring a lot of products to the Solana chain. The Solana hacker House is also projected to bring a lot of progress to the project. The Solana ecosystem is also expected to continue growing aggressively as the team works on beating competition like the Bitgert network.



The avalanche project is also growing aggressively, and this can be seen from the gains that have been made so far. The Avalanche bridge is expected to keep pushing for the development of this project. Already, the Avalanche bridge has added native support for the Bitcoin network, which is a major milestone. The ongoing Avalanche Multiverse program is also expected to be the next big thing. So there is much popping up, and the Avalanche team will also be working on beating Bitgert blockchain, which is the toughest competitor.



There is so much that the Cardano team is working to improve its mainnet to give users a better experience. The team is also working on the chain to beat the likes of the gasless Bitgert blockchain, which is currently one of the biggest competitors. The Cardano team is always highlighting the improvements made on Plutus, the Cardano wallet, and other components. The biggest thing coming up is the Hydra protocol and the Vasil Hardfork launch. These are projects to increase the number of dApps.

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