Romanian Post issues NFTs on its 160th anniversary

Romanian state-owned postal company Posta Română is launching the first NFTs of a Romanian state entity, in the form of a digital stamp, on the occasion of its 160th anniversary.

“We are talking about a limited series of 160 NFTs, symbolizing the age of the Romanian Post, virtual graphic creations with a market value that is supposed to increase,” the company says in a statement quoted by Adevarul.

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are tokens that give the owners exclusive and traceable ownership of any kind of digital file: they may be pictures, songs or, in the case of Posta Romana’s NFT, stamps. They are popular among investors with exposure to cryptocurrencies.

From the 160 NFTs issued, the Romanian Post has allocated, especially for the event at the headquarters of the Romanian National History Museum, ten digital stamps, which will be the subject of an open auction. The starting price for the 10 NFTs was set at EUR 160 for each piece.

The revenues obtained will be donated to Casa Speranței HOSPICE foundation, which has initiated a joint project with the Romanian Post in this regard.

The money will support the programs carried out in support of patients with incurable diseases.

(Photo: Octav Ganea/ Inquam Photos)

Author: Traciwininger

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