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eShot Labs, a French Web3 solutions startup, has announced the launch of its new tool for making real-time video NFTs from live broadcast content. The new solution is targeted toward brands that are looking to improve their marketing by creating standout Web3 campaigns.

In general, NFTs based on real-time or archival video is an emerging market that offers a unique opportunity for brands looking to capture consumer attention. Up until recently, NFTs in the event space has been almost entirely tied to “cold content” — i.e., content that is produced after the event. eShots Labs new solution offers brands and content creators the ability to leverage NFTs as a means of immediately connecting live broadcast content to fans.

“Our ambition is to make NFTs accessible to as many people as possible, based on a common passion, whether it is sports, esports, or the range of content created on the web. It’s about going beyond the monetary aspect by promoting the usefulness of NFTs in an emotional commitment over time between the brand and its community,” said Fergus Leleu, CEO & co-founder of eShot Labs.

Image Credit: eShot Labs

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Author: Traciwininger

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