How This Leader Is Using NFTs to Merge Hollywood Storytelling With Personal Growth

While the world of web3 has been going through some turbulent times as of late, one man has been building behind the scenes with a mission of leading individuals to improve their wellbeing and be part of a creative process.

Simon Lovell, who has spent many years as an executive coach, working with high profile founders, CEOs and celebrities, entered into the world of NFTs and discovered that there were many in the NFT community that needed help.

Initially, he began as a collector, but after spending time in the space investing in projects, he saw an opportunity to use his creative skills in a way that could help more people.

Lovell created the story of Ralph, an abused dog who dies and is thrown into the trash by his mad scientist owner, and who comes back as a Doglien. He then goes home (in a dog bowl UFO) to Paw Planet, only to discover that it’s under attack by robots.

Instead of completing the story himself, he wanted to allow fans of the project to grow the storyline through their NFTs. He believes that when we build characters and worlds, it also helps us to understand ourselves better as humans.

“I’ve always loved story and noticed that very few projects incorporated storytelling into their NFT. While the art was great, I wasn’t feeling anything from them and was craving a backstory. I wanted to use my skills as a coach to create a project that helped people to use their creativity, imagination and help them to grow at the same time. Dogliens took on a life of its own.”.

After sharing the concept with well known names in Hollywood, Lovell started to attract directors and actors and writers who aligned with his vision of both storytelling and personal growth.

His mission is to build first a strong community around an entertainment brand that will spill over into different areas on sceen and accross product lines. One of those being dog products and merchandise.

Lovell’s Dogliens NFT experience first begins in Discord, a community platform very popular with the NFT community. It’s here that holders will be able to access workshops ran by himself and celebrities including Hobbit star Stephen Hunter who played Bombur in the billion dollar blockbuster The Hobbit.

“What I love about Stephen is his passion for helping people. In his work as a coach for actors, he helps them to build their confidence and overcome rejection in Hollywood. His experience with both bringing characters to life on screen along with his passion for helping people is the perfect fit and this is who we want to attract”.

Lovell is focucsed on bringing big names into the trenches, so they can connect with fans in his community of like minded people. He is also running short free guided meditations and coaching sessions using his Twitter Spaces to help connect the NFT community.

“My vision for Dogliens is to build a community that is deeply connected and can truly shape something through their own creative genius. To me, there’s no more important utility than someone’s own personal growth because with that, you can create so many things in your life”.

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Author: Traciwininger

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