How Indie Artists Can Use NFTs To Connect With Their Fans and Monetize Their Communities

NFT Artist BlackDave

NFT Artist BlackDave

Stadium-status artists have been heavily using NFTs to interact and monetize their fanbases over the past year. This makes artists of all calibers take notice of the success of these mega-stars found in web3. But it’s such a new industry that many smaller and indie musicians don’t feel as confident as they should when navigating the space.

Because how to-tier talent leverages NFTs and web3 is way different than how more minor acts should use NFTs. But therein lies the problem…

There isn’t a clear roadmap for NFTs that explains the advantages, opportunities, and money that can be made for smaller artists when they use NFTs correctly. And we at Magnetic Mag wanted to change that, so we sat down with some experts on the topic.

We had the opportunity to chat with Adrien Stern, CEO & Founder of Reveel, a web3 revenue share company for musicians and creators, and BlackDave, an NFT music artist, to learn everything an indie artist needs to know to maximize the earning potential in NFTs.

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Author: Traciwininger

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