Blade sponsors US$1,000,000 NFT giveaway campaign, by minting over 100,000 NFTs on the Hedera network

To showcase the tech capabilities of the Hedera network, and celebrate creating over 100,000 new accounts, Blade is giving away at least 100,000 NFTs and SBTs.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, September 17, 2022 / — Blade Labs Inc. (“Blade”) is celebrating the creation of over 100,000 new accounts in the Blade Wallet – the fastest growing and only multi-lingual, security-audited Web3 Digital Wallet built on Hedera, available on Apple, Android, and Chrome. As part of the celebration, Blade is using the opportunity to give back to the community with its largest ever NFT giveaway campaign, made possible by the unique technical features available on Hedera.

“With over 100,000 transferable and non-transferable NFTs, worth US$1 million dollars, being given away, every participant will receive at least one transferable Blade NFT, which they can send to a friend, keep in their NFT gallery, or sell whenever they wish on Hedera NFT Marketplaces such as Hashaxis,” says CEO of Blade Group, Sami Main. “All participants will also receive a non-transferable NFT in the form of a Blade Loyalty Card. The Card will be available in five rarity levels—Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Notably, these will be the first Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) minted and launched on the Hedera network.”

“Each participant will initially receive a Bronze level Blade Loyalty Card. They can achieve higher levels by performing various activities through their Blade Wallet, to be outlined in the future,” he continues. “The Blade loyalty card will give users the ability to access premium NFT sales, higher prize categories, exclusive events, fee discounts and physical merchandise, as well as early access to future giveaways.”

Finally, participants will also have a chance to win prizes donated by friends of Blade such as:

● 46 Slime World NFTs including 25 “Normal”, 15 “Rare”…as well as 6 grand prize “Unique Slime” NFTs worth over US$1,500 each

● 50,000 Web23 NFT Domains worth $27 each per annum

-Win a 12-month free subscription to Web23’s domain name

service to replace difficult to remember account numbers with a more personalized “Name.Blade” address and opportunities to monetize contents and traffic.

● Personalized ME! Avatars with exclusive Blade wearables created by MetaverseME

-Get early access to create your ME! Avatar by taking a selfie through the MetaverseME app and playing as the ME! in the upcoming KickOff Evolution Football (soccer) game!

● 3 x La Mano Fria Graffiti Art NFTs worth JPY 200,000 each…from the world’s first NFT auction house dedicated exclusively to graffiti and street artists – Totemo.Art.

– Win one of three art NFTs created by La Mano Fria, an accomplished artist from NYC, the pioneer of “tape art”, creating works around the world including Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Holland, and Japan.

● A selection of art NFTs from the artists involved in Le Good Society’s recent “Let’s live with less plastic “Art Exhibition, which highlighted plastic pollution and the importance of our oceans during Plastic Free July earlier this year.

-Win artwork, from Le Good Society, who use art and tech to spread the word about urgent environmental and social issues – striving to deepen public understanding and encourage a more responsible and sustainable way of living.

● Plus, exclusive tokens and NFTs from Oneto11, the World’s First Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem enjoyed by millions! The tokens and NFTs will provide gamers exclusive access to games, contests and tournaments based on the Play-To-Earn gaming model. Gamers can earn millions on the ecosystem with their gaming skills.

And more coming soon which will be posted on their Twitter page @BladeWallet.

“It is worth noting that the ability to mint 100,000+ NFTs which consist of non-transferable ‘Soul Bound Tokens’ for ‘Token Gating’ purposes, and Dynamic NFTs which can programmatically change based on new information, is a testament to Hedera’s powerful and unique ‘controlled mutability’ characteristic,” Main states. “Hedera’s very low and predictable gas fees, as well as lightning fast speed are also important features which enable a campaign such as this to take place with relative ease.”

This Million Dollar Blade NFT Giveaway Campaign will run from 16 September to 15 October. To participate in the campaign, click here.

100,000 Created Accounts Milestone

Within four months of launching, Blade Wallet reached this important milestone in the last week of August 2022, consolidating its position as the fastest-growing wallet on the Hedera network.

This new milestone is coming hot on the heels of Blade Wallet’s latest updates, including, most notably, the introduction of a new and improved NFT gallery. New features include a default “demo view” that showcases a selection of demo NFTs upon account opening, ensuring that you never have an empty gallery with Blade Wallet.

● Summary of the Blade Wallet 0.10.0 and 0.11.0 Updates:

● Dedicated NFT Gallery screen with demo mode (Android and Chrome extension only)

● Preload NFT Gallery image placeholders

● Hedera Native Staking support

● Unmask passwords option

● Support complex passwords with detailed popup

● Additional warning for password reset

● About Blade Wallet screen

● Support MP4 NFTs (Android and Chrome extension only)

● Support 3D NFTs (Android and Chrome extension only)

● Add NFT Transfers to the Transaction history (Android and Chrome extension only)

● Adjustment to accommodate multiple languages, including Hindi

● NFT download to file system (Not on iOS)

● Standardize error codes

● Bug fixes

About Blade Wallet

Developed by Blade Labs Inc., Blade Wallet is a next-generation, non-custodial Web3 wallet built on Hedera. Since its launch in 2022, Blade Wallet has become:

● The fastest growing Web3 wallet on Hedera

● The first and only Hedera native Web3 wallet to be available on Apple and Android mobiles, as well as via Chrome web extension

● The first multi-lingual Web3 wallet on Hedera

● The first and only security audited (by Certik) wallet on Hedera

Blade Wallet offers access to secure, speedy, reliable, low-cost, and eco-friendly transactions and activities on Hedera. From dynamic scrolling NFT galleries to native staking, Blade Wallet offers a growing number of features and Web3 activities to its growing community.

According to its CEO and Co-founder, Sami Mian, Blade Labs’ purpose is to ” provide Web2 users simple, secure, and frictionless access to Web3 activities.”

For more information about Blade Wallet, please visit or any of the following social media handles:





Ints Haquani
Blade Group

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