Top 5 Ethereum Mining Cloud Platforms These Days

Mining Ethereum is a computationally intensive process that generates blocks for adding transactions to the Ethereum blockchain. As a reward for solving problems using blockchain technology, a miner receives ETH. Mining hardware, electrical power, and room to set up the hardware are all necessities, as are bots like It’s a costly operation typically handled by major corporations.

It’s a costly operation typically handled by major corporations. There are other ways to mine Ethereum, though. Cloud-based Ethereum mining solves this problem. Renting mining hardware from a host is what’s known as “cloud mining.” You can earn Ether without spending money on mining hardware, setting up your own mining rig, or dealing with hefty electricity bills.

1. Stormgain: Both Advanced Users And Novices

For an easy way to invest in cryptocurrency, try out StormGain, a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining application. An intuitive dashboard lets you keep tabs on your investments’ gains and losses. The application also includes the robust charting tools for monitoring market fluctuations and trends. Your cryptocurrency will be safe in the wallet. In this case, you can preferthe method of payment that is most manageable for you.

2. Hashing24: Free Of Cost

You can also use the free Ethereum mining service Hashing24. This corporation operates numerous mining farms across the globe, including in Iceland, Georgia, Canada, and Norway. Zcash, Dash, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are just some of the crypto coins that can be used on the platform.

3. ECOS: Reliable Platform

When it comes to cloud mining, nobody is more reliable than ECOS. It started operations in 2017 in the Unlimited Economic Zone. When it comes to cloud mining, this company is the first of its kind to have official legal standing. In excess of a hundred thousand people from every corner of the globe use ECOS. It is the first platform to offer a full suite of digital asset products and investment tools specifically tailored to the cryptocurrency market.

4. Hashshiny

In 2016, Hashshiny emerged as one of the most successful cloud mining platforms worldwide, and today it controls 1.5% of the global BTC hash rate. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and many more crypto coins are all supported. You can use the ether you mine with Hashshiny to buy more hashing power, or you can keep the money you earn.

5. Genesis Mining

When it comes to hash power, Genesis Mining is right up there with the best of them. Genesis mining is simple to use. The process of signing up is easy, and the verifying process is done right away. In addition, Genesis Mining has formed partnerships with various hardware manufacturers, which allow them to acquire hardware at prices below the going rate.

The Bottom Line

The host will take care of everything necessary, and all you’ll have to do is pay to make use of it. It employs the use of a software platform, in which software is provided for consumption without the need for the user to acquire or install any specialised hardware. In cloud mining, rather than using your own hardware, you instead pay to make use of the host’s resources. In contrast, making use of your hardware necessitates the expenditure of money, physical space, and energy.

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