The Weekend Shift: Crypto, Billionaires, Climate Change

Welcome to the 85th Weekend Shift!

What’s the deal? Over the weekend, we’ll update this post with some of the most interesting articles, podcasts, charts, and opinion pieces we’re too busy to write about.

OK, only crypto? Not necessarily. We do that Monday to Friday, so we try to explore new subjects on weekends.

Feel free to join in and submit entries on Twitter. Any topic is fair game.

September 17

54 mins ago

Starting off with a long read.

54 mins ago

ICYMI: More talk on our Merge coverage.

53 mins ago

With episode 6 and 7 dropping out soon, you might want to catch up on Innovated: Blockchain City.

52 mins ago


51 mins ago

The mysterious deaths continue.

50 mins ago

Not so hilarious if you’re affected, we bet.

50 mins ago


49 mins ago

Figma CC?

49 mins ago

One of the most notable stories this week.

49 mins ago

Money well spent?

45 mins ago

Quick maths.

48 mins ago

“Serious” work.

48 mins ago


47 mins ago


47 mins ago


46 mins ago


46 mins ago


44 mins ago


43 mins ago

Let them eat organic.

43 mins ago


43 mins ago

Album of the week.

42 mins ago

Should it though?

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