Worlds Inc Shifts Focus to Blockchain Technology and Metaverse

Worlds Inc., a pioneer in the global 3D metaverse entertainment space, has announced that it is expanding its operations to the blockchain metaverse. After developing breakthrough gaming technologies used by millions of gamers around the world today, the company has now set its sights on the immersive world of VR, AR, NFTs and other metaverse-related gaming protocols. World’s Inc. is fondly remembered as the first platform to bring celebrity-inspired metaverse in 1999.

About 23 years ago, Worlds Inc. collaborated in a revolutionary project, dubbed “Bowie World”, which revolved around legendary musician, David Bowie’s metaverse. It then went on to create several groundbreaking 3D-themed projects for leading global commercial brands. Some of its memorable works featured Aerosmith, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), DMC, the New York Yankees, Coca-Cola and MTV.

Consequently, following the successes with this line of entertainment, Worlds. Inc went on to create breakout 3D interactive gaming technologies that changed the world of gaming for good. However, with the growing adoption of blockchain technology, the company has been designing its own path through this disruptive technology. Notably, it has already created a native cryptocurrency and will reveal its use cases in the near future. A successful rollout of the cryptocurrency could help Worlds Inc. establish a strong presence in the metaverse.

What’s the end game?

As part of its metaverse venture, the company has developed several strategic partnerships. However, the company has not divulged details of the partnerships. Nonetheless, it has hinted that it will be seeking to establish a presence in nearly every facet of the blockchain market. NFTs, cryptocurrencies and  GameFi have come out clearly as target markets for World Inc.  

“We are assembling a network of powerful partners with whom we are collaborating to quickly develop these new initiatives and bring them to market in record time,” Thom Kidrin, CEO of Worlds Inc.

About Worlds Inc.

Worlds Inc. is a global pioneer in entertainment-themed technologies. Some of its technologies set the stage for next-level 3D gaming, VR and MMPOG used by millions of gamers today. Following its strong show in this realm, the company is now focusing on the capabilities that come with blockchain technology. It will be leveraging the opportunities presented by VR, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and AR to push its next development frontier.

Author: Traciwininger

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