Women 3.0: All Things Web3 — Issue #6 | by By Carly Long | Mar, 2022

And the lists… oh the lists! There’s been so many good ones out this week:

& a few more pieces recommended to skim alongside tomorrow’s cup of joe…

  • Jennifer Tanner at NuPay Technologies & PRISM. She started the convo off with a manifestation reference, so yes, consider her my new soul sista. Thank you, Uinverse.
  • Fernanda Boccard of Serious & Cool People. A super inspirational NFT artist with a story that I can really relate to — and who’s art sold out mad quick. (Currently trying to convince her to rip down the wood in her childhood home so we can see what she painted on the walls for her next project!)
  • 400 Drums: The cultural keepers of Indigenous art. Boyyy are they up to some cool stuff. Peep here for whitelist info!
  • Raysa Suarez of Women In Tech NFT. Probably dishing out some of the best alpha around. I got in with HUG thanks to her Discord!
  • Ankita Dhakar of Cyber Cosmos World. They’re building the next generation of women in tech. (Their Harley Quinn NFT is going on my wishlist.)
  • James Timberlake, of James Timberlake. A dad, artist, DAO evangelist, Web3 advisor… he’s a busy man with pretty cool thoughts on how we can make Web3 a more utopian place.

Paella, a Web3 startup making NFTs accessible to everyone, is looking for an Engineering Manager.

& We’re looking for Discord community moderators at WELD!

Message me if you want to start your own channel… about hot chicken debates, the best live shows in Music City, where you take your dog everyday in Nashville, or of course anything tech-related.

Smile & wave. Click & swipe.

Author: Traciwininger

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