The virtual succes of the Metaverse!

It is a fact that there is a shortage in the labor market these days. Even more so for the IT-sector. So the question arose for Inkubis; How can we be as attractive as possible to tech-interested parties? Nowadays it’s not enough to just create a well-written job offer. So, as a result, Inkubis started brainstorming together with the Recruitment and Marketing team to introduce a unique and innovative way to the world of scarcity of company personnel.

After a few brainstorm sessions the Metaverse Jobevent emerged onto the table. After completing the concept, the name ‘’Your IT-Match’’ was created. You fill in your technologic interests, we make the match. Inkubis has got companies in the Netherlands and Belgium in several areas;

  • Low Code/No Code
  • Data
  • Software Development
  • Cloud
  • Java/Full Code
  • DevOps
  • Web/Mobile & Application Development

In other words; enough to choose from for every junior, medior and senior who can’t wait for their dream job in the IT-world.

The bigger the better

Your IT-match 2.0 introduces even more choices for the juniors, mediors and seniors. In the new edition we introduce AI and Microsoft to the available technologic interest areas!

The day arrived, on the 21st of June the Metaverse opened its 3D-doors for all the people who signed up for Your IT-match. All candidates received a match before the event, with whom they could make an personal appointment. These speed-dates took 15 minutes and took place in different Metaverse-rooms. In these rooms you could speak to CEO’s, developers, consultants and engineers. All questions were answered, while you were at home sitting on the couch or behind your desk. Next to all the speeddate sessions, several presentations were given about digital innovation. Everyone was welcome to join and listen to the things that took their interest. A day full of inspiration!

Get an impression of the virtual world here.

Thanks to the innovating culture at Inkubis, we can proudly say we are the first in the Netherlands and Belgium. Your IT-match, resulting in dozens of job interviews, has labeled itself as a big (virtual) success! Your IT-match gave the participants the personal ‘’touch’’ they were looking for in their dream job in the IT-world.

Because Your IT-match was such an successful event, Inkubis has now organized a second edition which will take place on the 19th of October in 2022. The motto of the second edition will be: BIGGER AND BETTER!

Secure your place in the Metaverse, we’ll see you there!

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Author: Traciwininger

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