The Underverse — The turnaround for the music industry | by The underverse | Sep, 2022

It is vital that the economics of the music industry change to challenge exploitative power, support independent artists and benefit society. Now the music slowly enters the world of NFTs and blockchain, a change that allow new types of music products and experiences. The Underverse is one of these new music scenes on Blockchains offering parties in the metaverse with avatars, their own music production that is community driven and avatar wearables purchased on the Blockchains.

The Underverse is a immersive music world that invites people to party in the metaverse with a new experience of live DJs. Additional to this we also are our own music label producing techno and dance music. Art and NFT wearables will also be an important part of the project. The Club Underverse which will be available on several metaverses (, Virtua, Bossplanet, Pavia, Sandbox, Decentraland) marks the first-ever persistent, 24/7 and 365-day music-themed experience in the metaverse, welcoming music fans to an uninterrupted music realm with unlimited possibilities to listen to new music and meet other music fans. We will stream both our own DJs and events that we can share together. The club includes beside music, art, stages, bars, lighting design, giveaways, secret music areas.

One of the scenes in Club Underverse

The Underverse is a music project where we wish to gather holders who are big music fans and above all like electronic dance music but also harder styles such as techno, hardstyle and trance music. We will not build our own metaverse in any way, but will instead focus on buying land in already existing projects and make sure to organize the party in these places where users already exist. We build cross chain and we have already invested in land and estates on Cardano and the next step will be to also acquire land in Sandbox and Decentraland., where we are building our first club, is already adapted to not exclude any blockchains, which feels positive. Since clothes are an important part of our music culture, we are happy that we can let our visitors use Ready Player Me in Spatial.

In addition to parties, music production is a big part of the project where we collaborate with music producers to produce music for us that we can release under our own music label The Underverse. We will distribute our music via the TuneCore service, which gives us the opportunity to reach +150 music streaming services incl. Spotify, iTunes which will increase our chances of reaching the top charts with our music. Then when NFT wearables will become relevant in the metaverses we are in, we will also start that type of clothing production, because we want to provide people with cool clothes from the techno culture.

1 of 100 OG Ravers NFTs

We have already minted the OG Ravers, 100 unique characters 50 girls and 50 guys with representation from different parts of the world that make up the most important NFTs as they show that you have been an early supporter. OGs will always get discounts and other benefits. These were minted for 20 ADA and now sell for over 120 ADA. The second mint we launched and which are still available for minting are tickets to our metaverse parties. Only holders of these will be able to gain access to our clubs. They currently cost 15 ADA to mint and there are 500 tickets available on Cardano and 500 are reserved for Polygon.

Ticket for the metaverse parties

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