The Misfits invasion is here!. We are the High School Misfits, a… | by High School Misfits | Mar, 2022

Isa, better known as MamaArt, is a multi-faceted artist who stems from a family of design and art. Growing up a father who’s an instructor at one of Europes top design schools, she naturally developed as an artist. She’s spent the last few years transitioning from traditional & modern art to digital, creating campaign and branding materials for corporate companies.

There are over 250 hand drawn layers that are inspired by the many different high school pop culture experiences we’ve had growing up. Movies, Books, Series’, Cartoons and more.

When the Misfits were created, we didn’t have any specific gender in mind. And, although many traits relate as more feminine or masculine, a dress is still a dress and can be worn by anyone!

After understanding what we wanted to accomplish in web3, we started brainstorming and putting together ideas for a generative project. Dre is a Marketing Strategist by day and Web3 dev by night with over 12 years of experience in Business, Health, Art, Entertainment, UX/UI and E-commerce. Naturally, he would adopt majority of the dev work. Also, being a married couple makes it a no brainer.

We strive for an inclusive, caring and enthusiastic community. This goes beyond pfp artwork. It’s also about the language we use (i.e Early Access), how we navigate our discord community server and our overall behavior in web3.

If you’v made it this far, thanks for tuning in! We truly appreciate your time. Please join us!

We are on a mission to donate 50k to underprivileged students. So, we’ve partnered with some leading organizations shaping the future of our youth.
This includes: Boys & Girls Club, Zebra Youth, Be The Reason and more.

Let’s just say we fully intend on participating in the metaverse…

Author: Traciwininger

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