The Metaversana metaverse is a collective space of virtual reality and augmented reality: Virtual… | by Akwa-mfon Udofia | Sep, 2022

The Metaversana metaverse is a collective space of virtual reality and augmented reality:
Virtual reality is the addition of real content in a virtual world. For example, a replica of the city of Paris can be found in this virtual world.
The augmented reality, as for it, consists in adding virtual contents in our real universe.

Metaversana tries to solve two problems:
The level of virtual reality from a technological point of view is today far below what we would like to achieve with Metaversana. And The augmented reality experience that one would like to achieve with Metaversana simply does not exist today.

Metaversana Relies on 5 characteristics to provide the Best possible experience there Are…

  1. Identity

Each user will be represented by an Avatar in NFT format of which he is the owner.
This Avatar will be customizable and interchangeable.
The user’s identity will be linked to the wallet containing the Avatar NFT.

Metaversana uses the latest technologies to offer a total immersion:
Unreal Engine
VR headset
Haptic holding
Neural helmet
These technologies coupled with NFT items provide a personalized immersion.
The virtual world created by Metaversana will be physically perceptible, even to the point of feeling by touching objects present in the virtual world.
Metaversana remains accessible to users who do not have VR glasses and haptic wear, but with a lesser experience. ETC…..

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