The case for Open Standards. Our vision for eternal digital… | by Petaverse Network | Mar, 2022

Our vision for eternal digital companions requires us to reimagine what NFTs can be. To do that, we haven’t created an NFT that dictates how your digital pet must look or act, we have created an NFT that informs how it could look or act.

Confused? Let us explain.

We want other teams to be free to interpret your pet’s data in any way they choose.

If a project wants to show your pet as an adult cat or a cute kitten (as we will do in our photobooth!), they can do that.

If they want to add pets to their black and white world or tell a story about your pet in a manga-inspired universe, they can do that.

And if a team wants to interpret the pet’s data as a race car, using the correct colours, with the pet’s traits influencing speed and handling, we want them to be able to do that too!

Your pet, your data, available to other teams to interpret as they wish. Allowing your pet to go anywhere and do anything, on any platform, from now until forever.

And that is what we mean by being an Open Standard.

Our open standard. A network effect for the ecosystem.

When your pet is born, we create a unique hash, which is compared to the hashes of all other pets created, to ensure you own a 1/1. When you buy a pet from Petaverse Network, we will represent its data as a cat on NFT marketplaces, within our app, and our first games (coming later this year). Your pet will also be born with personality traits and game alignments (think Dungeons and Dragons or Pokemon) that form part of the data set in creating your unique pet.

The way we interpret how your pet looks and behaves in the experiences we (Petaverse Network) create, however, may be different to other experiences. Where this gets really interesting is that traits which are favoured in one experience may not be favoured in another. This could change the value you (or someone else) may attribute to your pet. A chonky pet, for example, may struggle in one experience but thrive in another.

By keeping data at the heart of our NFT thinking, rather than focusing just on how they look, we can build the Petaverse Network we believe humanity deserves. One that gives our pet owners an ownable and adaptable data set, and our network partners the freedom to bring that data to life however they want.

And we think that’s worth being Open about.

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Author: Traciwininger

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