Supporting Metaverse Artists: Artist Appreciation Month | by MetaJuice | Aug, 2022

LadyBarbiee “Galaxy” — IMVU Edits on the VCOIN Marketplace

In August, we celebrate Artist Appreciation Month. However, this shouldn’t be limited to just the Holiday; it’s important to show our support this month and beyond!

The metaverse is filled with talented artists and creatives that are forging new frontiers of human expression, thought, and experience.

Whether they are working in a metaverse such as IMVU, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or mixed reality (MR), artists have been setting up the foundation of community expression.

Artists could be seen as the paintbrushes to the metaverse. They help us express ourselves in a metaverse where we can be anything we want. And our avatars let us show the world who we are.

One way we can support artists is by buying their art. This helps them earn money for their work, and also ensures that they can continue to create art that we can all enjoy.

BobaTeas “BobaTeas” — IMVU Custom Accessories on the VCOIN Marketplace

VCOIN Marketplace makes it easy to find artists, known to the IMVU community as Producers. Support the metaverse by purchasing unique, one-of-a-kind items and services with VCOIN, the first global transferable digital currency that allows users to buy, gift, earn and convert earnings to real money for the real world.

Shopping the catalog supports a living, breathing person. Explore EXCLUSIVE services where VCOIN can be exchanged for real money.

This month, let’s celebrate artist appreciation month by supporting the artists who make the metaverse such a special place!

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