Smart Aliens Plan & Vision PART FIRST by Jordan 👽 | by Smart Aliens 👽 | Sep, 2022

First of all, it’s been a great journey and I would like to thank you for staying with us and waiting. Finally we revealed almost all of our assets and we are ready to go. We just can’t wait anymore to start.

This time I would like to talk a little about My vision. Keep in mind that’s not financial advice but just my vision of how I want Smart Aliens to be one of the biggest projects. Will it happen? I don’t know, we will see. For sure I learned a lot last year but I think I can do even better but let’s talk seriously. Current market is very hard but that fact just motivates me and helps me build my strategy. Meanwhile when we were developing the project my marketing agency started doing very well. Maybe you will think “good for you but how can that help me??”. Well, actually this time I can support the project with my own private money and accumulate the tokens and this will help us finish the game if anything bad happens. I will be able to support the price and don’t let it tank too much, ofc it can dip anyway but I am glad that I can help the chart now. In this bear market this kind of support is needed since everybody is afraid to hold tokens.

Let’s come back to Smart Aliens.

Two things will make this project great which is #SmartNFT & #DAOVERSE. Both of those are my ideas but I saw one project doing smart nfts, anyway they are little different compared to what we do so we shouldn’t worry but be happy that maybe we can start a new trend in crypto.


We can all agree that nowadays nfts get a little hate and the reason for that it’s obvious, very expensive, almost no utility besides few projects doing something serious. They were used for bad reasons, mainly just speculation. In my previous work I already try to fix that but I didn’t come with such a good solution like #SmartNFT. My goal is to let nfts learn and build their own character and when time will pass they will get more complex and interesting as a token for a seller and that can fix the problem with no utility. Think about it, we can make the token blockchain get its own life and brain, so interesting and revolutionary….. but … first we will start with building that on our server as the budget isn’t big enough for the smart contract or our own blockchain but let’s see.


Not everybody is a gamer which is okay but as a gamer I saw many times that when some studio finished a project then later mods did a better job than a big company and made the game even better. Why not let people create the whole game with us and build something like a decentralized gaming studio. Just a simple app where every holder can just apply to be added to the game. If you would like to do it for free then great but maybe you will look for some financing for the community by tokens that would be vested. The whole idea is not fully described yet but it’s in my head and will come into life soon. It will be just great!

Okay, that’s it for the Part First, please wait for more articles. Best Greeting from Jordan, founder of Smart Aliens.

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Author: Traciwininger

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