Shibaverse: Updates and Project Developments | by Shibalution | Mar, 2022

The following are progress updates for developments shared with the Shibaverse community on March 20th. As we approach the end of Q1, we updated the community as to the state of our metaverse project, where we are in the roadmap, what we have accomplished so far, potential delays, and what is coming.

Our dashboard is in the final stages of testing and will go live in the next few days. With the updated dashboard we plan to first put up auctions for Shiballoons and then a few days later the first Genesis apartments. As some of you have already moved ETH to Polygon (See previous article- Shibaverse: Now on Polygon Network!), the first auctions will be priced in WETH. Thank you for your votes regarding the dashboard. I am very happy you preferred launching our dashboard instead of using the Refinable App.

Our dashboard will be the main place for locking LP, staking, claiming airdrops, configuring our profiles, apartments, and breeding puppies, etc. We will be adding features one at a time over the coming months.

Tomorrow we are starting work on the website redesign. We have someone delegated to do this, and this should be finished in the next month or two. We are now 7 months since website creation, and we have many more items to add which will serve to attract new investors. Additionally, we intend to streamline our design, so that there is continuity between our website, demo, and dashboard.

Liquidity mining for Sushiwap pair VERSE-ETH on the Polygon network will start very soon, most likely this week. Smart contracts were audited, and together with the auction smart contract were tested over the last week by our chat admins. By locking Sushiswap liquidity tokens, you will be able to earn additional VERSE rewards that will come from our 20% incentives supply.

I know you are all waiting for CEX listings. We have been contacted by several 2nd tier exchanges with offers of paid listings. However, we must approach this topic wisely. First of all, it would demand funds which are extremely limited. Additionally, when the market is down and the overall sentiment is fearful, CEX listings, particularly 2nd. tier, have very little impact on the price. Sometimes they can even have a negative impact. For this reason we chose not to pay listing fees and invest instead in project development. That being said, we are still in touch with exchanges, and will move forward if and when conditions are favorable for us to receive maximum benefit.

We understand the need for easier purchases of VERSE tokens especially for those people who are new to crypto in general. For that reason we are finalizing talks with the, which will allow easier purchases of VERSE tokens by credit card. These purchases will be possible via a widget on our website.

Listing on the ChangeNOW platform will require a minimum of $100 k liquidity to be added to Uniswap V2. So we have decided that liquidity will be migrated from Uniswap V3 to Uniswap V2 in the next few days. We understand that moving liquidity on ETH is costly as it requires withdrawing from V3 and depositing it into V2. To offset these costs, we will refund gas fee costs in VERSE tokens to those who move liquidity to Uniswap V2. The conditions are as follows:
V3 liquidity was active “in-range” on the 18th of March.
At least 90% of the wallets liquidity is migrated, and, the value of liquidity migrated is at least 0.05 ETH. The VERSE/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap V2 will be the 2nd. incentivized pool. By locking liquidity tokens there, you will be able to earn VERSE rewards that will come out of our 20% incentives supply.

We have not forgotten about holders did not withdraw liquidity (from ShibaSwap or Uniswap) through Snapshot up until now. More details for the promised incentives will be revealed soon. Moving liquidity from V3 to V2 will not disqualify liquidity providers from receiving these special rewards.

While consistently delivering and accomplishing the goals of the roadmap, some things have gotten slightly behind schedule. The areas of the roadmap that are delayed: ShibaSwap District design and property sale, platform integration with blockchain, and the birth of first puppies.

The 3 main causes for this:
A. Two of our programmers working on the smart contracts and game development had health issues due to Covid and because of this they were unable to work on the project for about 3 weeks.

B. In December, the mother of ShibaverseArchitect become ill from a brain tumor and died in January. Although we tried to limit the impact of this event on the progress of the project, it was harder for us to coordinate things, as the illness cost our family a lot of time and emotional distress.

C. Because of the market dip our budget for development turned out lower than anticipated.

I want to remind everyone of the disclaimer in our white paper:
“As a community-driven and community-funded project, the realization of the roadmap is dependent on various conditions (like market sentiment, number of volunteers, etc). Therefore some functionalities may happen earlier, and some may be delayed. We will be providing transparent statements on roadmap progress, which will allow us more room if we need to adjust some of the dates.”

Many projects do not give any strict dates or even quarters of the year for completion of any Roadmap items.

While we have had some delays, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t already accomplished many things. I would like to touch on the progress we have made in specific areas outlined below.

Smart contracts for Real-estate, Shiballoons, breeding, lending etc. are already completed. They need to be tested and go to audit. We have a basic user front end completed as well.

The smart contract for our NFT marketplace is 95% ready and will go to audit soon. Our market place will allow for the trading of Shiballoons and Real Estate, but holders will also be able to create their own collections of NFTs, and trade all ERC-721 collectibles even those minted on any other platforms. Through specific functionalities like offering listing fees discounts if NFTs are priced in VERSE, we intend to add more utility and demand for our VERSE tokens.

Staking VERSE will be available on two chains: Polygon and Ethereum. Staking is coming in the next several weeks.

Genesis district creation is in the final stages. In the next few weeks we will be revealing movies of the new areas of Genesis, as well as the interiors of the auctioned apartments.

Shibaswap District design is in process. We have the entire urbanistic design ready and some of the buildings in advanced stages (Soon we will have a sneak peek of the ShibaAcademy building).

Furthermore, we are creating an interactive zoo. We intend to remotely adopt animals from physical zoos in different parts of the world. People visiting these zoos in the real world will see that they are sponsored by Shibaverse. Alternatively, people visiting Shibaverse zoo will see animals that live in a specific real zoo. This will become another link between the real and virtual worlds.

For the purposes of the creation of the zoo, we invited two people from the community to help us. Matheus Modeller and Michael Webster have joined our team of volunteers. Together with Shibby and Ab who have helped us a lot during the last few months, they joined our Shibaverse Design Team led by ShibaverseArchitect. You may know Shibby from Sven Videos, and Ab, who creates those 3D animated models of Shiballoons. In the upcoming weeks, we will be able to see the amazing fruits of their labors.

If there is anyone in the community who has experience or would like to learn Blender/Unreal Engine, they would be more than welcome to join with us.

We also have a partnership with a real world architectural studio that will voluntarily design villas in ShibaSwap District.

We are building informal relationships with several other projects. We hope that in next few months we will be able to formalize these relationships.

Our VERSEdrops will begin in early April. Airdrops of VERSE will be performed in many forms over the next 2 years. One of the assumptions is that in the long run, airdrops create more demand for VERSE as opposed to sell pressure. This is why we will be looking for new and creative ways to perform targeted airdrops that will engage different communities across the Shiba Inu ecosystem and continue to bring awareness to Shibaverse.

I hope you found this information helpful and encouraging! 🔥 Lastly, I want to thank every person who has helped in any way toward building or supporting Shibaverse 🙏💪
ShibaverseFounder and Shibalution

Author: Traciwininger

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