Qatar World Cup Digital Twin Documents: Detailed Overview | by Qatar 2022 Digital Twin | Nov, 2022

QWC Digital Twin is the First Metaverse of the World Cup Qatar 2022, supported by the Qatar Royal Family and tour guided by World Cup Cat Crew.

QWC Digital Twin joins hands with Collext, an advanced AR innovator, and Inception Lab, a leading web 3 artistic technology company to ideate and execute the first Metaverse of the World Cup. Digital Twin leverages Collext’s dedicated mapping technology to Inception Lab’s creativities in web 3 world, together recreating the magic of the world cup in the parallel virtual space.

The Qatar Metaverse

QWC Digital Twin adopts AR, VR and blockchain technologies to build the Metaverse at a 1:1 scale of Qatar. The Metaverse will feature 8 Qatar World Cup Stadiums, Qatar Cultural Village and other iconic landmarks.

Supported by Qatar Royal Family

QWC Digital Twin is supported by the Qatar Royal Family. Qatar Royal Family is exploring new ways to connect and engage with our global fanbase and give them an incredible experience during the World Cup. Now they have turned their spotlights on the new VR program and decided to cooperate with Inception to deliver an immersive metaverse together.

AR Land

QWC Digital Twin is using their partnership with Collext to redefine the fan experience by combining cutting-edge technology with their spatial expertise, delivering exclusive experiences that reward World Cup large fanbase. The initiative is a demonstration of QWC Digital Twin’s constant drive to innovate and belief in increasing importance of the metaverse in sport. AR Land will be hosted on Collext app or can be activated via Apple glasses.

VR Space

This is the second virtual initiative developed by QWC Digital Twin’s creative partner Inception Lab. The initiative was developed by Inception Lab in response to promote Qatar world cup globally, working as a digital solution to giving global fans a glimpse of Qatar at home.

How to enter

Players can enter the AR space through the app or Apple AR glasses in Qatar, or enter the VR space anytime and anywhere through the website and VR devices to experience this milestone Qatar metaverse of the World Cup, with a personal intelligent tour guide (supported by The Animal Age) providing real-time service.

QWC Digital Twin is building the First Metaverse of the World Cup and bringing a brand new immersive experience to fans around the world.

Community Vision

QWC Digital Twin aims to provide enhanced Web 3.0 solutions to the real estate, culture & tourism, entertainment & sports industry in UAE and Qatar. Partnering with Qatar governments and over 20 top-tier companies, it lies on the technology of Inception Lab and Collext and makes long-term strategies. QWC Digital Twin is just beginning to innovate and the team will expand application scenarios and develop more pilot demonstration use cases.

Also, in order to build a truly open and immersive Metaverse ecosystem, Qatar Digital Twin will hand over decision making to its community as a part of its vision and transform into Dao-driven metaverse to create a scaling solution that is as decentralized as possible.

The AR Land is a multiverse world powered by QWC Digital Twin and Collext. It’s composed of eight basic elements, including global coordinate system property, NFT trading space, task reward, advertising, physical business, XR game, City DAO and Web3.0 docking space. The eight basic elements constitute the interdependent ecological environment of Collext’s multiverse business world. In Collext’s multiverse business world, investors, merchants, gamers, tourists, workers, advertisers and partners can grow together in Collext, and to obtain sustainable benefits and achieve a business win-win situation.

The activity brings to life all the components of a traditional football game with an innovative touch and includes a virtual La’eeb dancing on the top of Khalifa International Stadium alongside all player profiles, pregame interviews, and an interactive AR squad selector that lets fans pick their team for the match ahead.

The dedicated mapping technology, SIVE protocol, will be used to realize a community owned and fully open High-Definition Map of Earth, which will be an important infrastructure for all apps.

The opening of the Collext Metaverse business ecosystem provides partners with an open platform and technology docking resources, configures economic models, and helps partners to operate quickly.

Collext metaverse technology development builds a unique metaverse digital twin world for partners. As the technical supporter,Collext is available to connect with partners in terms of business ecology and economy.

Scan the QR code to download Collext App.

a) The World Cup Pavilion on SECONDLIVE

The World Cup Pavilion is a brand new virtual space customized by QWC Digital Twin and SecondLive. There is a football stadium, seating, large-scale screen, and billboards.

It can accommodate 10,000 avatars online at the same time. Moreover, it also supports users to watch football matches, text to others, join live streaming luck draw, dance and cheer for the exciting moments.

During the 2022 World Cup, Qatar Digital Twin will collaborate with project partners to launch a match result prediction campaign. The participants will share the prize pool by predicting results correctly. The prize pool will be sponsored by project partners.

The World Cup Pavilion:

About SecondLive
SecondLive is a create-to-earn social Metaverse with nearly 1.5 million global users, 30% of which come from Southeast Asia. The strong self-developed creator tools are shaping SecondLive’s flourishing creator community, facilitating the upgrade of web3 marketing solutions. The robust creator ecosystem will make SecondLive a traffic hub to empower crypto and non-crypto projects and brands in the web3 world.

b) GEMIE Stadium

Gemie Stadium is customized by QWC Digital Twin and Gemie. The Gemie Stadium will enable football fans from all over the world to enjoy immersive experiences with the QATAR World Cup themed metaverse.

Fans can attend virtual events and collect utility-focused NFTs of their favorite celebrities in Gemie Stadium, and also create NFTs and experiences to earn rewards.

Please check out the below link for a complete login tutorial:

About Gemie
Gemie is an Asian entertainment-focused metaverse platform and NFT marketplace built around fan culture. Gemie aspires Asia’s leading virtual hub to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans through virtual events, customized planets, and utility-focused collectibles.

c) Digital Twin Space

The Digital Twin Space is powered by QWC Digital Twin and Bluesea Network. It’s made by pixels supporting to interact with the furniture, communicate with each other via real-time video & audio call, and livestream for certain activities and events in the Qatar World Cup.

The Digital Twin Space deployes on a decentralized overlay network, Using blockchain for verification, with smart-routing designed specifically for ultra-low latency.

The network is stable and adaptive whenever having node failures, and is also easy to scale by geography. Players can join in the Space at any time.

The Space is a perfect zone for football enthusiasts to get to know each other in a fun and engaging way.

Let’s create your own character and have fun here:

About Bluesea Network
Bluesea Network is a decentralized network with designed routing for ultra-low latency streaming, lowering cost by connecting redundant resources from home and enterprise servers.

d) The World Cup City and Football Fiesta Event

The World Cup City is powered by QWC Digital Twin and Orbofi. It’s a big city replicating a futuristic Qatar.

Players can explore, with mini-games to complete, items to collect, and rewards to earn. Players can also meet people from all over the world, connect with them in real time, chat via text, audio, or video, and explore the world cup city together.

Play the World Cup hunt and win $500 & the Golden trophy NFT in the World Cup City.

Explore and play on the official Qatar World Cup City experience on Orbofi, the first social metaverse combined with social NFTs, built on BNBChain.

Meet people from all around the world, watch world cup videos and memes, complete quests, collect items, and earn.

Time: Nov 15 — Dec 20, 2022

How to join:

Step 1: Claim the World Cup social NFT on Orbofi
Step 2: Enter the World Cup Metaverse on Orbofi using the web browser (not accessible on mobile)
Step 3: Explore, have fun, meet people, find and collect hidden items and earn rewards!


About Orbofi
Orbofi is the world’s first Social metaverse combined with social tokens, which empowers individuals, brands and communities to create their metaverse and NFTs. Experience the Metaverse World Cup as you’ve never seen before, join a futuristic Qatar virtually, get the Qatar world cup sNFT, meet fans coming from across the world, and have fun together.

a) Punch World Cup

Punch World Cup is the World Cup gaming event hosted by QWC Digital Twin and Punch Games on Punch Games App. Players can enjoy intriguing games with their friends in real time.

Players have to choose their favorite team from the 32 teams to root for.

The points start accumulating after Nov. 18th even before you decide which team you belong to. However, you will lose the chance to participate if you do not choose by December 11th.

Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer is a real-time one-on-one game for the World Cup. Two players will face off each other in 90 seconds and whoever scores the most wins the game!
Jump, Kick, Bounce, and do whatever you need to win!

What’s the prize?

Each game you win will add points to the team you’ve chosen. A prize pool of the Faith Tokes, Punch Games’ in-app currency, is also slowly accruing.
If you happen to root for the winning teams then you will be able to share the prize pool at the end of Qatar 2022.
Faith token will have many use cases in the platform later on and you will be glad that you’ve gotten a head start to collect!

About Punch Games
Punch Games is the next-gen casual gaming platform greeting their casual game fans for the first time during World Cup Qatar 2022. The platform equips many fun-to-play yet competitive games and social features that allow users to make new friends while playing.

b) World Cup NFT Winning Campaign ——RobinFi

Ludo is one of the most popular board games. It will also bring a new play experience, the game added props, identity card skills, in addition to retaining the original gameplay, players can use props and skills in the game to make a more varied play strategy. At the same time, the game added a variety of different styles of scenes and skins, medieval classical style (king chess + dice + castle scene), tropical rainforest style, the Middle East desert style and so on. Players can choose their own experience.

Players can find partners, meet new friends, chat and interact, and play games together. you can watch the World Cup matches while forming your own national team to participate in an online Ludo competition and win World Cup glory.

Ludo will also bring a new challenge for all players. All players who participate in the Ludo game competition will be able to challenge the Ludo game leaderboard. Ludo will record each game and rank players and put them into the Whitelist. Players in the Whitelist can mint Robin Open Social Fi Genesis NFT for free.

About Robin Open Social Fi
Robin Open Social Fi is the meta-universe platform of Web3.0. It is dedicated to providing the best social interactive content and access to web3.0 for more than 2.4 billion casual social interactive game users worldwide, while bringing rich and diverse game content to players. It brings solutions for Web3.0 traffic increment and user activity enhancement.

c) World Cup 2022 Prediction Game——Diviner Protocol

The World Cup 2022 prediction game is powered by QWC Digital Twin and Diviner Protocol!

Players can predict the winner of each competition during the World Cup Qatar 2022, and earn points if they predict correctly! Round of 16, Quarter-finals, semi-final and final round prediction will open progressively!

The top 100 users with the highest scores will earn Diviner Football Player NFT!

By using NFTs, users can play games in Diviner Metaverse, and also can stake NFTs to earn rewards!

Predict now:

About Diviner Protocol
Diviner Protocol aims to build up a metaverse “Diviner Harbour City” that offers users a diversified & gamified Play-to-Earn Ecosystem. By working with QWC Digital Twin, Diviner Protocol will offer users world cup prediction, socialfi games, mini-games and so on!

d) Mirrors Jump

Mirrors Jump is a Web3 game, powered by QWC Digital Twin and Mirror World.

Players can free mint, list and trade NFT in this game, and adventure with your NFT.

Qatar Digital Twin will bring brand new experiences into the World Cup 2022 through Co-branding that could be FREE Mint as well as Treasure Hunting in-game event!


About Mirror World
Mirror World is a Web3 mobile infrastructure project for forward-thinking crypto projects that focuses on cross-platform development, helping increase speed to market and helping game teams roll out full-stack crypto dapps.

a) World Cup Qatar 2022 NFT Option

The exclusive World Cup Qatar 2022 NFT Option product is launched by QWC Digital Twin and NFTEA. It’s built on the Polygon mainnet, with a total of 32 teams, each with 40,000 Options, which runs fully decentralized on-chain…

Based on a simple option mechanism, the option can be used to purchase your own corresponding NFT cards, support your favorite team, and participate in options trading and exercise.

Options represent a certificate of options assets with multiple conditions and potential future value, which can be traded on markets such as Opensea at any time. This right will be exercised after the Qatar World Cup. Investors holding different teams are expected to receive substantial equity income.

Users have to purchase the NFT options to participate in the events. NFTEA has adopted the AMM mechanism, with the initial price as 3 USDC. Later the price-making mechanism is completely decentralized and determined by the market, deciding factors include aspects of the team’s performance, market moods and community feedback. For example, before the game starts, the future performance of a team is still unclear, so the price of options will not be high; once the game starts, and the stronger team(s) present themselves, which indicates the increasing possibility of earning profits from such team(s), then the price of options will surely increase.

The final earnings are determined by the market.

The higher the team ranked, the richer the prize pool corresponding to its team card, which means that players who hold these team option cards can share a higher income. In addition, the last buyer of a single team’s option card will have a chance at winning the grand prize before the end of the match.

A Web3-based NFT “Tea House” with NFT options, games, galleries, and many other derivatives, which owns brand new community governance, fully decentralized contract interaction, and fairness.

b) Betting Game——Easybet

Easybet is a simple and fun World Cup betting game, co-hosted by QWC Digital Twin and

Each game will have three options: win, draw, and lose. You can use USDC to bet, and the winning side will share the prize pool of the other two sides.

Twitter Lottery Event

Time: 21 Nov — 3, Dec
Follow QWC Digital Twin and EasyBet’s Twitter, retweet the event post and register at
Prize: 10 USDC bonus at EasyBet, limited to 1000 copies, first come first served.

Prize Pool Rights
World Cup Cat Crew NFT holders can share 30% of the platform’s total revenue during the World Cup by playing any 3 games on The revenue will cash out after the final game of the World Cup.

The World Cup Cat Crew NFT created by QWC Digital Twin and The Animal Age will be the official tour guide. A total of 1000 world cup cats are gathered as different roles to complete missions assigned by all the partners from QWC Digital Twin.

The World Cup Cat Crew will be featured in virtual venues and World Cup-themed events built by QWC Digital Twin and its partners. The Cat Crew will also serve as a carrier for interoperable traffic between partners during the World Cup in Qatar.

The World Cup Cat Crew is currently deployed in many projects and will be exposed as the major character in more World Cup-related events. Holders of World Cup Cat Crew can enjoy exclusive benefits in world cup events, such as additional opportunities to participate in match prediction activities and receive special rewards, higher multiplier points of winning, and priority to buy NFT at lower prices. Details of the activities will be announced one after another.

At the same time, The Animal Age will launch TAA Lucky Draw Ticket and a lucky draw system on its website, which contains benefits and prizes provided by each partner of QWC Digital Twin, including NFT airdrops, token airdrops, World Cup products, World Cup tickets, etc. The holder of each TAA Lucky Draw Ticket will have a chance to enter the lucky draw.

About The Animal Age
The Animal Age, an animal-based metaverse, and QWC Digital Twin have partnered to launch a World Cup-themed NFT collection: World Cup Cat Crew, which will serve as the official tour guide during the Qatar World Cup. The collection is based on cats and features players, coaches, medical staff, volunteers, and hosts of legendary characters.

About Inception Lab

Inception Lab is creating a new reality for the pan-entertainment industry.

Inception Lab aims to open up an infinite field of possibilities while the world’s most recognized brands are all on their way to adopting web3 technology. Inception Lab is here to facilitate direct audience engagement, nurture community growth, incentivize participation through ownership, and provide viable new revenue streams in web3. Ultimately, the avant-garde approach towards intellectual property aims to build a bridge between physical and digital.

Inception Lab delivers multiple solutions including creation, production, interaction, and transaction while immersing into a bigger ecosystem with diversified application scenarios, and more utilities far beyond just PFPs.

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