Pull&Bear creates its own Virtual World in the Metaverse | by Geek Metaverse | Mar, 2022

The Spanish clothing and accessories chain Pull&Bear has decided to take a step forward and enter the metaverse through its own virtual reality project.

The third edition of Scrapworld, the festival of streetwear and urban culture reference in Spain, has been the stage chosen by Pull&Bear to present its virtual reality project in the metaverse composed of a virtual showroom, a fitting room of outfits of the brand and a gaming activation based on surfing game.

To generate this eye-catching project, Pull&Bear partnered with the teams of La Frontera VR and Meta Creative Shop, who have been dedicated to the design, development and functionality of the elements that make up this metaverse.

Pull&Bear has brought six of its most popular collections to the digital world, which will also be enjoyed in the virtual universe. Its focus is directly oriented to the so-called Generation Z.

Pull&Bear’s digital Outfit can also be used in different applications and games of the Ready Player Me platform, including Animaze, VRChar, LIV and Sommium Spade.

To complement the experience, a game based on surfing, where users will be able to play and interact with the brand, is planned to be launched in parallel.

The announcements of this Pull&Bear project were made during the streetwear and urban culture festival called Scrapworld, held in the city of Madrid.

To maximize the user experience, the showroom and the game will soon be available for the virtual reality accessory Meta Quest 2, which has a great realism and quality.

It is also possible to be transported to a part of this universe through a web adaptation, which all brand users can already access and navigate through the virtual world, try the Ready player me configurator to customize their own avatar and dress it with Pull&Bear clothes.

Visit Pull&Bear Virtual World


Author: Traciwininger

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