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Puffverse is a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D metaverse, powered by ecological partners, Web 3.0 software, and an underlying hardware infrastructure that aims to create a metaverse to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality.

Princess, Monsters and a Fascinating Story

Puff takes place within a fascinating story in a magical, peaceful, and enchanting land of monsters that was prosperous for years and ruled by the Demon King.

However, after the disappearance of the Demon King, the prosperous and peaceful kingdom fell into the clutches of the Evil Group of Moru with the help of the last Archmage of the Monster Kingdom: Mr. B.

The Moru Evil Group attacked the kingdom Princess, and The Egg on the Shelf fell to save her, causing the Little Dinosaur (Patty) in the Egg to escape from the castle, saving the Princess and winning the kingdom crown.

The story unfolds after the crown shatters into countless magical shards suspended in various places upon exiting the castle. The magical shards are won through progressive challenges as the Princess and Patty escape from the invader: Mr. B.

Puff traps users in suspense and a fun and colorful dream world like Disney World with its many mysteries to uncover.

A Puffverse for everything and everyone!

Puff has a number of features that provide a unique proposition within the blockchain metaverse scene. Among its most outstanding USPs we have:

  • Web 3.0 ecosystem: The vision of the project is to allow anyone to play and have fun in the Puffverse regardless of their device or web application, seeking to build a fully versatile Web 3.0 ecosystem powered by technology partners and the Web 3.0 hardware ecosystem.
  • 3D Metaverse: Puff is a dreamland of fun and joy for customizable avatars, allowing users to connect with friends in reality and meet new friends in the metaverse. The metaverse is designed to allow users to manipulate different characters and provide them with a fun and differentiated experience in a variety of styles.
  • Limited NFT Assets: Puff is a multi-end interactive universe with characters as NFT assets, and users can use the characters to experience different content in different scenarios. The UGC-accessible NFT assets are designed by experienced industry professional artists who have contributed art to over 500 video games for companies such as Blizzard, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, etc.
  • Open-World: A powerful editor (Puff editor tool) with which any user can collaborate in creating content without needing programming experience. Create games, characters, stages, accessories, and maps in the open world of PuffLand with single clicks and instant publication.

Users can use their characters as NFT assets to experience different content in different scenarios. They can collect multiple characters with unique and diverse skins, various characteristics, skills, bonuses, and more.

Puff is building a multi-end interactive universe to immerse users in a pleasant, engaging, and endless experience while acquiring great rewards virtually in Web 3.0 and reality in Web 2.0.

Puff is a universe of Puff NFTs with diverse and fantastic utilities within the ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Puff Ticket
  • Puff Genesis
  • Puff Character
  • Puff Passcard
  • Puff limited edition NFTs

Users of Puff NFTs have a number of unique benefits built on blockchain technology. They have true digital ownership of their assets, and the assets can be easily traced and traded in decentralized primary and secondary markets.

Puff is intended to be interoperable across its Puffverse, meaning that assets, avatars, and any other elements can be used in various Puffverse applications.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, in the universe of Puff NFTs, NFT holders can participate in key decisions of the project by implementing decentralized governance through the PuffDAO (Puff Genesis), as well as obtain some privileges for limited editions from NFTs in the future (Puff Genesis, Puff Ticket).

The Puff team has laid out a well-defined roadmap with clear milestones.

For more information about our roadmap, you can refer to the Puff milestones below:

Q2 & Q3 of 2022: Start-Up

• Character Settings

• UI, UE, and icon design

• Development

• Fundraising

• Social Media Building

Q4 of 2022: PuffGo Alpha Version, PuffTown, & FIFA Beta Version Release

• PuffGo Alpha Version

• PuffTown

• PuffGo FIFA World Cup Beta Version

Q1 of 2023: Official PuffGo Release

• Official PuffGo Launch

• Token Launch

• In-game Tokenomic Circulation

• World Chat System

• Team Recruitment System

• Guidance System

• NFT Asset Customize

• Marketplace

Q2 of 2023: PuffTown & PuffGo Leveling Up

• Character Selection

• Friend System

• Email System

• Ranking System

• Competitive Mode

• Hardware & PuffTown

Q3 of 2023: PuffLand

• PuffLand UGC

• Creator Program

Q4 of 2023: PuffWorld Optimization

• PuffWorld — 3D verse

• Decentralized ID

• SocialFi

• Optimized Metaverse

• Optimized UGC

The producers behind Puff have extensive experience and background in development and operations:

– Game Development — Gami: Independent Game Studio, core members from T7 Studio — previous Xiaomi Gaming department.

– Music Producer — T’s music: The music supplier of Mario Odyssey

– 3D Technology — Unity 3D Original: Algorithm-based tunnel rendering solution makes metaverse visual updates instant.

– Art Work — Concept Art House: Professional artists and industry veterans who have contributed art to over 500 shipped video games from companies including Blizzard, DeNA, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Kabam, Riot Games, Supercell, and Wizards of the Coast.

– Engine — YAHAHA: The one that demonstrated a great creative vision when opening the gateway to new Metaverse life for non-tech creators. YAHAHA lowers the barrier to 3D game creation with a supremely easy new creator tool modeled on all the principles of the Unity development environment.

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