OG pass holders can claim their Avatar now | by Dom Faber | Aug, 2022

A few weeks ago we announced that holders of an OG pass will get their own unique 3D fashion avatar, which is fully playable in Yabal.

And today we are super happy to announce that we shipped the first batch of avatars for Yabal pass holders.

Dear pass holders: You can now claim your avatar.

  1. When entering Yabal you can now choose to use your OG avatar.

2. You will be asked to connect your metamask wallet. Make sure you have the account selected you also used when you were minting your OG pass.

3. Enter the Token ID from your pass and click Verify now.

If you don’t know your Token ID you can check this on Polyscan.

  • Go to Polyscan.
  • Find your address.
  • Click on the ERC-721 Token Txns tab
  • Find the transaction for YabalPass (YPS)
  • Check Token ID

That’s it. If the pass is in your wallet you should now be able to play Yabal with your OG avatar.

If you have questions please open a ticket in the Yabal discord server.

Would be great to see you all on Wednesday 8pm CET / 1pm EST during the coin drop event. We can make selfies 🙂

Author: Traciwininger

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