MundoCrypto Brings Together More Than 7,000 People in and Launches its Own Metaverse in the Biggest Crypto Event

MADRID, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2022 / On Saturday, August 27, Madrid hosted the world’s most significant event on cryptocurrencies. The venue chosen for the event was the WiZink Center, where more than 7,000 people read to learn about the latest news and trends of the metaverse through a completely different experience organised by the Mundo Crypto company. The presenters, the journalist Danae Boronat and the crypto influencer Andrés Meneses, along with Mani Thawani, have led this unique event in Spain for the sector.

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  • The event has been followed via streaming in more than 100 countries simultaneously
  • MundoCrypto is Spain’s largest cryptocurrency training academy and the third in Europe
  • The event has been presented by Danae Boronat and the Crypto influencer Andres Meneses
  • Brands like Bitget and Medabot also attended the event
  • Has been endorsed by Mani Thawani, founder and CEO of Mundo Crypto, together with industry experts such as Pilar Troncoso, Juan Ramón Rallo, Daniel Lacalle and Pablo Gil
  • The objective has been to bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to everyone who has an interest, democratise access to education and promote financial freedom, and speed up the industry’s growth with the presentation of its new education platform based on the Learn to Earn model

MundoCrypto has released its Metaverse as a new training space for the crypto community under the model Learn to Earn and Proof of Community, two of the pillars of this new project. The day, which was early 8 hours, brought together VIPs and industry influencers. In addition, it has been successfully followed via streaming in more than 100 countries.

The event featured speakers of the stature of Daniel Lacalle, economist and manager of investments; Pilar Troncoso, co-founder and Vice President of OARO; Juan Ramon Rallo economist; and Pablo Gil, economist and trader, among others. In addition, the former president of the Bitcoin Foundation, Brock Pierce, has entered the event virtually to contribute his point of view on the sector.

There has also been time to talk about exchanges and the metaverse in a round table moderated by Pilar Troncoso, who has counted on Xavier Molina, local Iberia manager of FTX and Eneko Astorquiza from Kucoin.

Mani Thawani, founder of MundoCrypto and in charge of leading the event, both in person as well as through his avatar, he has pointed out: “We are delighted to have organised the day of the entire cryptocurrency community. Our duty is that each of the presents has benefited, and the entire crypto world wins after this day as an industry.”

Lead Cryptocurrency Training

The fundamental objective of the MundoCrypto event has been to lead the training in cryptocurrencies and offer the latest news and trends in the sector. With the premise of responsible mass adoption, the company wants to bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to everyone interested, democrat democratise to education and promote freedom Financial.

Mundocrypto took this opportunity to present its new educational model, Learn to Earn, which encourages students to finish the courses. A unique and innovative model where the student will be rewarded. Attendees have enjoyed a unique experience in the industry: Gaming area, photocall, NFT room, high-level training, and presentations with leading players in the sector. It has also been a unique opportunity to network with investors, professionals and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency sector.

El Salvador Presence

In addition, El Salvador has also had a round table where Caleb Navarro, Héctor Sales and Óscar García, deputies from El Salvador, together with Dania González, president of the Financial Commission, have talked about the capital of bitcoin and the first approved law of cryptocurrencies. “It has been a year of many challenges and opportunities. For our country, we are the first in the world to recognise Bitcoin as a legal currency tender so that the crypto community can grow. The magic of bitcoin is to include it in the financial system. El Salvador has its doors open for everyone, and we are the country safest in Latin America”.

Fun Moments

The event has received great excellent coverage and has also had fun moments. The magician Julius Dein has put on a show that has left the open-mouthed attendees. There has also been time for love with a live request hand, contests, and led light and display. But the most exciting thing has been to have more than 6,000 people in the same space with the same interests and joining forces to support an industry that is already a reality.

About MundoCrypto

MundoCrypto was born in 2019 to democratise access to education and financial freedom through the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In Spain alone, this opportunity has already been provided to more than 55,000 people in crypto training.

The European Central Bank estimates that 8 million.

Watch the event here

For more information: Paz Gonzalez – [email protected] – +971501035930

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