Mossland on the go ! What you don’t know | by Sodeinde Temidayo David | Mar, 2022

Mossland is an AR gamified platform for owning and trading virtualized real-estate based on mechanics of Monopoly and Pokemon Go.

With the uprising if different tokens and space in the Metaverse, a lot of have been left with different options to deal with. Some tend to be for fraudulent purposes, while some are set to expand the metaverse.

Here is Mossland, is it credible?

From the review of Opportunity Archive, Mossland in the mid 2018 surged out to be a good platform which was growing well, as it continues development in gaming

Mossland started as a blockchain-based metaverse project connecting real and virtual worlds, and has been continuously releasing practical use cases of entertainment services based on virtual reality, augmented reality, and non-fungible tokens(NFTs). This includes various Mossland games and services.

Mossland’s metaverse features NFTs and entertainment services that reflect the real world and pursues an integrated economic system through Moss Coin(MOC).

To use Moss Coin within Mossland, however, players will have to exchange it for Moss, which is the in-game token used for buying and selling buildings and accessories.

Both Moss Coin and Moss are blockchain tokens but, as practiced by many blockchain app stores, one operates in-game and one outside the game. Both are finite in supply and Moss can always been exchanged for Moss Coin if a player wants to cash out for fiat currency.

Earlier this year, Mossland announced
partnership with N.LIGHT and later Pixel Artist JaeBum Joo.

Author: Traciwininger

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