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Creating interoperable wearables & in-game assets

Metalinq is delighted to announce its partnership with Oxya Origin, an innovative play-and-earn Open World game. Oxya is one of the most anticipated web3 games launching this year!

The game will use the Metalinq protocol to build and create future interoperable NFT wearables available on several metaverse platforms. Oxya will also become one of the first Metalinq customers for the creation of interoperable in-game assets!

Moreover, Oxya will leverage Metalinq’s expertise and network to work on its metaverse positioning. The MMORPG will be leaning on Metalinq to create unique digital experiences in the Metaverse.

About Oxya Origin

The Oxya team is composed of an ever-growing, ambitious band of creatives and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in various fields shaping the future of web3. The Oxya family blends the worlds of business, fashion, and graphic design, as well as blockchain development and the world of crypto.

Their NFT avatar collection launched earlier this year, with a sale volume of 12.8K+ ETH. The Oxya Origin dev team is currently being supported by giants of the gaming industry — Ubisoft and Immutable X — for developing their game.

They are releasing a Roguelite in Q4 2022 that will allow players to earn $OXYA in a PVE mode with a procedural map. A co-op mode will arrive in January followed by a PVP mode in Q2 2023. The lands (that will be launched soon) will allow owners to farm resources and craft items to earn $Oxya. The Oxya Origin team has created an ecosystem of games with full utility NFTs.

For more info:

Oxya Origin Website —

Oxya Origin NFT Collection –

Oxya Origin Twitter —

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