Metahunter Launches Private Token Sales with Successful Event | by Metahunter | Sep, 2022

Metahunter, the world’s first and largest true Metaverse platform, recently launched their Private Sales window with a huge event that took place on August 27, 2022 at the SMX Convention Center.

With cosplayers, gamers, influencers, investors, and local celebrities, the event was packed full of people interested in the next step of the internet and the Metaverse experience.

Metahunter Launch Event group photo
The Metahunter Launch Event held at the SMX Convention Center on August 27th

Between different performances, live matches, and fun activities, the stream was available for people to watch as well as those in person to participate in and win rewards.

The Private Token Sales window is open through the end of September and will provide different groups, from big investors to gaming guilds and more, an early opportunity to join Metahunter as we create the Metaverse for all!

The aims of Metahunter remain very much the same as when founder Allen Tan Chee Hoe began recruiting team members: to provide access, opportunity, and education about the Metaverse to everyone, regardless of income level or experience.

Over the course of the last year, the Metahunter team has onboarded hundreds of influencers as well as investors and advisors that all believe in the Metahunter mission. Now, people are beginning to have the chance to purchase the $MHTR token that will serve as the main currency within the Metahunter platform. From purchasing virtual land, breeding or upgrading Metapets, and more, the $MHTR is a vital part of the Metaverse experience.

With so many people already invested in the Metahunter goal, it is clear that everything is looking up for the world’s first true Metaverse.

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