Metabloqs, First Real-World Inspired Swiss Metaverse

  • Metabloqs, the first Swiss metaverse, with real places, real people, and provides real ownership.
  • Metaverse soft launch opens up for an initial 5K beta users in MetaWeek, Dubai.

Metabloqs is the first Swiss decentralized metaverse with a unique algorithm to bring authentic connections to the virtual world. CEO and Co-founder of Metabloqs, Megha Shrestha, has soft-launched the metaverse at the MetaWeek in Dubai. Metabloqs will use this soft launch period to gain feedback and optimize the user experience.

Metaweek is a conference with thousands of metaverse enthusiasts all over the world from the 11th to the 14th of September. The launch opens up for an initial 5K beta users and it is expected to be fully functioning by later this year. 

Megha Shrestha, CEO of Metabloqs stated:

“Our pioneer users will play a key role in providing the insights and feedback necessary to achieve this.”

During the MetaWeek, the Metabloqs team welcomed the event attendees to have a glimpse of how unique their metaverse is. People explored the virtual “Meta-streets” of their first metaverse city, MetaParis. 

Metabloqs’ Trust-Based & Sustainability Approach

Metabloqs positions to become the trusted and sustainable metaverse of choice for business, finance, education, and entertainment.

Dr. Marc-André Schauwecker, Chairman of Metabloqs, stated:

“As the first Swiss-based metaverse, Metabloqs takes advantage of a clear regulatory structure for digital assets, combined with the country’s international prestige as a global leader in business innovation.”

Apart from providing an exceptional metaverse experience, the project incorporates defined blockchain legislation and complies with all regulations – this brings trust to the partners and users and therefore Metabloqs is one of the few Blockchain startups with a Swiss bank account. 

Virtual Eiffel Tower in Metabloqs’ Meta-Paris

The Metabloqs platform will portray renowned real-world cities with famous places and monuments. Beginning with one of the most iconic cities of all, Paris. The virtual replica of the capital of France starts with the 7th arrondissement, home to the Eiffel Tower. Soon, the entire city will be visible on the metaverse. Furthermore, as the platform develops, the list of Meta cities will increase with prominent locations around the world.

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