Introducing: UCCN. A stablecoin issued by Computecoin | by Computecoin | Mar, 2022

CCN Ecosystem

We’re delighted to announce that Computecoin has issued its very own stablecoin: UCCN.

UCCN can now be exchanged on CCN’s Cross-Chain Bridge using USDT. Simply connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet and Ale Wallet and start transferring!

CCN’s Cross-Chain Bridge is designed not only for CCN miners but also for all CCN community members, as it supports token transfers between Binance Smart Chain and Huygens.

Cross-Chain Bridge Interface

Huygens Mining (Coming Soon)

In CCN’s upcoming open testnet, Huygens, participating miners are required to purchase a CCN Mining Pass in order to start mining on Huygens. CCN Miners can exchange UCCN with USDT on Computecoin’s Cross-Chain Bridge in order to purchase CCN Mining Pass in the mining portal.

Read more on Huygens ⬇️

What is CCN Mining Pass?

The Mining Pass is a mandatory credential for each miner’s computing power, recording the maximum amount of computing and storage power each miner’s account can provide.

Computecoin does not profit from your purchase of mining passes. The amount used to buy a CCN mining pass will go back as CCN tokens, creating a deflation mechanism to guarantee the benefit of our token holders in the long run.

Computecoin (CCN)

Computecoin (CCN) is the next-generation infrastructure that powers all-purpose Web3 and metaverse services. CCN provides rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web.3 and metaverse pioneers: VR/AR developers, AI engineers & teams, metaverse end users, NFT collectors, DeFi platforms, and the list goes on.

Whitepaper | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Instagram

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