Introducing 0xhug’s Fashion Partner: HUMXN | by 0xhug | Aug, 2022

Hey everyone! We’re 0xhug, a serviceDAO focused on helping NFT projects build strong and lasting communities. We’ve partnered with an innovative prelaunch metaverse project, and we’re excited to give our 0xhug fam a glimpse👀

The HUMXN Vision

What if we told you there’s a way to bring the high quality fashion and beauty looks into the digital world? What if your digital self would never again be limited in your creativity to create the most exquisite looks? What if the team had a way for you to create whatever identity you wanted — either as a collector or artist?

Introducing HUMXNs and their fashion meta-marketplace. HUMXNs allow collectors to become the creators, bringing to you a real-time avatar creation environment where fashion and beauty can thrive. The team has curated a detailed collection of digital clothing, accessories, makeup, hair and more. Not only can HUMXN holders use virtual artistic creations to customize their PFP, all customizations will alter wherever you have your avatar displayed in real-time. They aim to give the world a digital fashion ecosystem where holders can buy, sell, trade or create anything fashion: garments, hairstyles, environments, etc.


The HUMXN team has been hard at work these past months, working to curate the most flawless ecosystem for their future HUMXNs. Let’s meet them.


@Mr_Grif (Shane) is an award winning Irish visual artist & director who pioneers a conceptual & artistic approach to not only film, but sculpture, animation, design, and large screen visuals. He was named on Louis Vuitton’s 200 visionaries list in 2021, a OneClub Young Gun in 2012, and PRINT Magazines New Visual Artist in 2015, Shane’s style is constantly evolving and setting new trends. In 2018, Shane’s art film Chromatic was screened at the annual TED conference.

Beyond his NFT journey, Shane has worked with internationally renowned clients such as Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Mercedes, Google, BMW, and Givenchy, and has created artwork for the likes of Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Le Bron James, and Serena Williams.

Additionally, he directed the mesmerizing and powerful film for Macbook Pro revealed at Apple event in October 2021, while also creating four bespoke wallpapers for Apple’s iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 {RED}, based on the Chromatic series.

Shane is the creator behind a number of surreal NFT artworks including the Equinox collection, featuring cool 3D animations and flower arrangements on @SuperRare. His recent work — Going Green — was sold for 45 ETH.


@Bupphavesa (Pakorn) is a passionate and experienced CG artist of 20 years, in which he supervised award-winning teams on projects including the Honda Magic Snow Globe, which is the winner of the Cannes-Lions VR activation for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. In general, Pakorn strives to advocate for education and social wellness.

In 2012, he founded The Establishment for the Greater Good (EGG) at Psyop, which is a 12-week internship with an intensive curriculum allowing students to create animations for the better of society.

Today, Pakorn resides as a professor at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, the School of Visual Arts, and The Animation Project, a non-profit organization working toward curating a more therapeutic workforce.


@0x2F4cC (Marco) is the founder and Emmy-winning Director for @psyop. His iconic creative studio Psyop has created a global creative collective — an energetic and passionate community of artists and makers who inspire each other to grow and do the best work possible.

Outside of Psyop, he directed the Gold Cannes Lion-winning Adidas “Together” campaign, as well as more recent projects for Adidas Parley, Apple, Facebook, IBM and the new Sesame Street opening, to name a few. He also most recently directed ‘Stay Fabulous’, the world’s first commercial production realized entirely by utilizing virtual production, promoting the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas and featuring many celebrities.


The HUMXN meta-marketplace is designed to give both collectors and creators alike the opportunity to prosper. Collaborations from creators who are passionate about developing their own collection of any digital creations for HUMXNs are encouraged to get in touch with the team. The same goes for brands; the team wants to be able to open doors for brands of all kinds of fashion styles into the digital world.

In this world, HUMXNs can partake in fashion shows, book modeling gigs, contribute to editorial content, or participate in brand collaborations. Not only will they be able to leave a mark in the digital fashion world, but they will be compensated in ETH for doing so. Think “fame and fortune” within the fashion metaverse; perhaps you’ll even make it on the Trending page of their website and gain mass recognition. The fashion industry is entering another dimension, and HUMXNs will be leading this journey.

At the same time, the HUMXN team strives to ensure each user’s creative process is as seamless and as easy as possible. Backed by the most innovative gaming technology alongside blockchain authentication and digital ownership for their holders, they’ve designed a never-before-seen method of customizing your profile picture, banner, or wherever your HUMXN avatar is displayed in real-time. Don’t bother re-downloading and changing your picture manually, they’ve got it covered. Just snap a pic through their site!

Lore Sneak Peek

Our discussions with the HUMXNs team has shown us that they want to add their own flair to your creative experience and allow their holders to be a part of their story. That’s why the story will be written by you, bring on the flair and build your HUMXN. Genesis, Aquarius, Aeries and Centaurian… whoever they may be… the stage is set, now let your tale be told.

So many more sneak peeks to keep up with on Twitter @_HUMXN_ & @0xhug and the HUMXN Discord. Follow along with HUMXNs, this is just the beginning!


Author: Traciwininger

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