INTERVIEW With X METAVERSE PRO CEO | by X-Metaverse Pro | Sep, 2022


Q1: Can you tell us a little bit about your past history?

Yes, my name is Jordan Daniels and I am the CEO of X METAVERSE Pro, the world’s leading decentralized financial platform. I used to be a computer programmer and worked 20 years in the information technology field, and I have extensive expertise and leadership experience in information technology. Prior to joining X METAVERSE Pro as CEO, I also worked in the financial markets, achieved domestic and international mergers and acquisitions representing several companies. So I am passionate about the development of FinTech and always focused on making new profit plans for the company.

I think it is important to have a good business strategy and make sure that they are aligned with short-term and long-term goals. As CEO of X METAVERSE PRO, I am committed to creating a diverse environment and activating the employees. As a result, X METAVERSE PRO has always been strong in finance and continuous business lines.

Q2: Why did you join XMETA?

Before joining XMETA, I worked in the traditional finance industry for many years. I personally believe that traditional finance has been developed for hundreds of years, and although it is flourishing today, its growth is relatively limited. Blockchain, especially decentralized finance, can redo the path taken by traditional finance in the past hundreds of years. In the future, many offline assets will be mapped or twinned into the metaverse, and the metaverse itself will give birth to many native assets. The whole metaverse industry is getting momentum, and XMETA is a pioneer in this industry. XMETA presents the highest form of civilization that can surpass the real universe, this is an important reason for me to join XMETA. XMETA can reshape the metaverse system, break through the technical barriers, and reshape the community system, financial system and ecosystem.

Q3: What kind of value do you think XMETA can bring to people?

The cornerstone of the development of digital currency is the value consensus. However, “value consensus” is limited to a very small group of geeks nowadays, and it is difficult to be widely spread among people. However, XMETA’s vision is to use innovative technology to solve trust issues, so as to realize value consensus in a wider range. Nowadays, it is time-consuming and costly for you to send a sum of money from a country in Europe to a tribe in Africa, but with XMETA, people can make payments across borders as easily as sending a voice with a chat app. People around the globe can enter the metaverse world one step at a time and experience a new generation of 3D Internet value network.

Not all teams have such vision and power. XMETA has set clear ambitious goals from the very beginning of the project, which is rarely seen.

Q4: Can you tell us specifically what digital assets XMETA platform can help users to trade at present?

First of all, the XMETA platform has achieved multi-chain operation, and XMETA can take any action within the capabilities of public chains and Web 3.0 infrastructure, as well as some advanced privileges for managing transaction protocols. For example, a Binance Smartchain server can be purchased to host the user interface to the transaction protocol. XMETA can use the allocated funds to change the transaction protocol. Then the interface can be directed to the Binance server to improve accessibility for those who wish to trade on DEX.

In addition to this, in terms of NFT, XMETA’s high efficiency is notable. The platform can invest in top NFT platforms and artworks, incubate leading NFT artists, build bridges between world-class artists and the NFT world; sponsor galleries, organize art exhibitions and publications, set up awards to support art creation and appreciation; build art collections, etc., to improve the utilization of the blockchain technology in NFT world.

Q5: How do you understand the emerging concept of “DeFi 2.0” and what is the relationship between the XMETA project and DeFi 2.0?

DeFi 2.0 is a new term in the ecosystem, mainly referring to the emerging protocol subset that build on top of the monetary Lego, which contributes to advancing the current DeFi ecosystem. The overall economy of DeFi will become more friendly and secure with the addition of these new financial primitives.

Specifically, DeFi 2.0 is mainly presented in two ways, liquidity providing and incentives. All the DeFi projects that have emerged over the last few months with a focus on “liquidity” can be regarded as DeFi 2.0.

As for the relationship between XMETA and DeFi 2.0, I think we can consider XMETA as an interpretation and extension of DeFi 2.0, which provides an alternative and complement to the liquidity mining model to maintain the long-term liquidity. XMETA will focus on how exactly a native token project maintains a healthy liquidity? And in what way should it be distributed?

XMETA pursues a new protocol designed to bring deep, sustainable liquidity to DeFi, and the apps will emerge with Web3. XMETA can be regarded as a decentralized market-making platform and a liquidity router disaggregating DeFi’s traditional liquidity providing and market-making. X METAVERSE PRO is on the “upper layer” of the decentralized exchange, which provides a fixed purchase liquidity protocol through a stable bond system, that means the liquidity direction is under control and it’s easier and more affordable to get liquidity.

Q6: Is there any decentralized app under development at XMETA?

We are currently working on an app to decentralize the video streaming by blockchain and Web3.

We live in the age of video streaming because of Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Disney+, Brightcove, and a host of other emerging video streamers. There is no doubt that these video streaming platforms play an important role in our lives, providing videos to hundreds of millions of active users every day. The video industry has a promising future, but there are still drawbacks and problems. The increasing data means that streaming providers have to spend a lot of money to maintain their networks. They either use content delivery networks (CDN); or rent servers through cloud service platforms such as Amazon AWS. But whichever way they use, the operation cost is added. Due to the limited radiation capacity of CDN, those users who are far away always have a slightly worse experience, with problems such as poor picture quality, denied access or unstable network.

In order to solve the above problems, XMETA is building a new video streaming and transmission platform by blockchain technology. Unlike traditional projects in the market that utilize centralized servers, X METAVERSE PRO provides streaming services through a completely decentralized network.

Q7: Can you tell us about $XMETA?

$XMETA is a fully decentralized DeFi 2.0 reserve currency built by X METAVERSE PRO based on the X Metaverse ecosystem and WEB 3.0. It is worth mentioning that $XMETA is a sustainable DeFi liquidity distribution protocol that is centered on creating sustainable liquidity instead of transient liquidity mining.

The core advantage of $XMETA is its token allocation principle that “tokens should be allocated to the right people”. The right people are those who participate in and are generally aligned with the best interests of the protocol. They will support the community and contribute to the ecosystem. What’s more, the token price discovery process does not seriously damage the holder’s portfolios. This needs to be ensured with sufficient liquidity and floatability. Overall, the $XMETA token will be a powerful way to break out of the WEB 3.0 prisoner’s dilemma and achieve a fair distribution of tokens.

The total initial issuance of our $XMETA is 300 million.

Q8: What is the next phase of XMETA’s plan?

X METAVERSE PRO is planned to be a new generation of DeFi asset management protocol, bringing users’ crypto strategies to real life through leading-edge portfolio management.

X METAVERSE PRO is more open than traditional treasury business, it does not limit the identity of participants and investment thresholds; it requires lower operation costs because the assets are decentralized. In addition, it can provide users with higher rate of capital return. It is also more efficient, whether it is establishing fund pools or fund products, no regulatory approval is required, and investors can instantly create funds or participate in investments; it’s more transparent, and all black-box operations are effectively eliminated; it’s more secure, “no trust, just verification” in whether on-chain transactions or smart contract guarantees, and the transaction can be traced.

Another point worth emphasizing is XMETA’s tracing strategy. X METAVERSE PRO protocol allows users to follow the professionals to manage their digital assets through tracking the wallet address of successful deal to achieve asset appreciation. On this basis, XMETA can also track and analyze data on the chain with the help of AI technology, and develop AI arbitrage robot to provide users with easy and convenient “one-click to follow” service, and at the same time, it will provide dealers with a complete set of analysis tools, which is really considerate.

It is worth mentioning that the platform is open to millions of investors around the world, and users can view, trade and copy the investment portfolios of investment elites in real time, so that the users are no longer blindly investing. Through XMETA’s intelligent search assistant, users can view all important reference data such as past trading performance (12 months), maximum retracement, trading frequency, and average holding time. What the users have to do is to find investment experts with the same goal and follow them with one click, and all the trading behavior can be copied in proportion to their own funds to obtain the same percentage of return.

Q9: Can you tell us about the XMETA team?

Our core team members come from different countries. For example, our CTO is from Silicon Valley and was involved in the early development of bitcoin and ethereum. Our CFO is from Goldman Sachs and has extensive experience in asset management and risk control. We have gathered top talents from various fields, which can ensure the project delivered smoothly and the users can have a quality experience.

XMETA is owned and managed by the holders of $XMETA tokens. Our community volunteers are all over the world, they are the cornerstone and pillar of XMETA project and can help the team to accomplish many important tasks.

Q10: We know that XMETA currently has communities around the world, what would you like to say to your community partners?

As you know, our community is now spread all over the world. There are community partners from Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other places. We are happy to see that people of different languages, countries and skins come together because of xmeta. A strong community is the guarantee of the success of our project. XMETA’s vision is to create a builders’ community focused on innovation. All community members come together for continuous creation and innovation to push the development of WEB 3.0. Therefore, every community partner’s suggestion is especially important to XMETA; every community partner’s effort will lead to XMETA’s great achievement.

XMETA itself is an evolving project, and as time goes by, XMETA will become more and more perfect, and excellent leaders and contributors will appear. We hope that every community partner can grow together with XMETA and realize the ultimate value.

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