Guardians Ecosystem Update: September 15th | by ChainGuardians | Sep, 2022

ChainGuardians brings Phygital to New York Fashion Week

ChainGuardians has become widely known as the blockchain superhero ecosystem — NFT gaming, NFT utilities, lore, comics, art, music, and now high fashion tied to phygital merchandise! From world-renown influencers to top-tier publication platforms, ChainGuardians is at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Featuring a mainstage appearance at New York Fashion Week, we continue to move toward bridging traditional and blockchain markets while simultaneously adding brand depth and utility for our active supporters.

ChainGUNnies? The ChainBunnies survival game

Development is underway for the ChainBunnies survival game website, with exclusive access to be offered to bunny holders for the initial rollout of the game through the new site. Naturally, the game download will be optimized for both Mac and Windows downloads — no mobile integration with the first build, but these rabid rabbits can be pretty demanding, so who knows what may be in store.

cgDAO & Governance Proposal #2

Smart Contract #2 involved CoinMarketCap’s defender, Captain Mark, proposing a solution to kickstart development and implementation efforts for the hero of many faces. This vote attracted over 500k CGG in voting power! Governance facilitates a pathway to actively engage CGG token holders in crucial decision-making processes; therefore, make sure to get engaged & involved in the cgDAO forums!

Pool Mining is back! Plus an ‘Airdrop’

Featuring a handful of new UI & UX upgrades and, most importantly, improved technological capabilities, the ChainGuardians NFT Pool Mining game is back!

RPG Chat & Socialization 💭

What takes gamification and community growth to the next level? A chat system. Yeah, we’re doing that. Excitingly, a “world chat” and a player-to-player (whisper) UI has commenced development. Do you remember Trade Chat or General Chat in World of Warcraft? Perhaps /all in League of Legends? Enabling seamless in-game communication has always been on the to-do list; however, it’s now on the ‘we’re making it’ list!

Animations & Chibi Designs

Naturally, Captain Devex has taken his place at the center of attention due to the restoration of Pool Mining! It’s safe to say that there may be more than one leak in the GIF below. 👇

Cryptoverse’s Making a Metaverse Podcast new release

Listen to the new podcast from Cryptoverse that pulls back the curtain on the most exciting technological advancement of our time…

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