Epic Games debuts its first NFT Game | by Metatenure | Sep, 2022

Epic Games Inc., the developer of the “Fortnite” free-to-play Battle Royale game, has launched its very first non-fungible token (NFT) game title on its marketplace. The American video game and software developer and publisher headquartered in Cary, North Carolina listed “Blankos Block Party” this week.

“Blankos Block Party” was published by Mythical Games Inc. and it has become the first available blockchain-based game on the Epic Games Store. The availability of the NFT game on its store clearly shows that Epic Games is one of those traditional game developers that are adapting blockchain-based games.

As per Bitcoinist, while Epic Games is not yet taking aggressive steps in the NFT space, its chief executive officer, Tim Sweeney, has already expressed his pro-developer stance in this area. He has also said before that with sufficient time and development, NFTs can truly be a great utility in gaming.

The “Blankos Block Party” NFT game was first released by Mythical Games gaming studio in December 2020 on open beta. The game has accumulated more than a million players since then according to Mythical.

And this week, Epic Games added the title to its store and officially became the first Web3 to enter the gaming firm’s popular storefront. Mythical was able to develop and complete the said NFT game after rounds of successful fundraising where it raised a total of $16 million in 2018.

In late 2020, the game was opened to players via an open beta. Since its release, Mythical Games secured new partnerships in just two years, and currently, it has teamed up with popular brands such as Burberry, Atari, and DJ Deadmau5.

“Blankos Block Party” has the vibe of Roblox but it is focused on unique digital collectible vinyl toys called Blankos, an NFT that can be purchased, sold, and upgraded within the game, as per CoinDesk. It was co-developed by Mythical Games with Third Kind Games.

Meanwhile, more blockchain-based games are expected to appear on Epic Games Store. In fact, Gala Games already revealed in June that it would bring its Web3 game titles to Epic Game’s marketplace.


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