Deconstructing ChainWars: A play-to-earn Metaverse Gaming Project

Blockchain technology has been growing at an impressive rate, especially in the last two years. The year 2021 saw cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology-more so NFTs receive a lot of traction and interest from mainstream media and the population at large therefore leading to huge adoption of crypto and NFTs.

The number of active blockchain games doubled in the last year. Based on this activity, it would be logical to assume that blockchain gaming will hit the limelight this year. This is mainly because blockchain-based gaming incorporates the use of NFTs (in-game assets) and increases in one way or the other the use of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, concepts such as the metaverse have received massive interest from the public.

Tech experts, key players, and analysts unanimously agree that we are transitioning to a new digital and hyper-connected era. This analysis is backed up by some of the world’s largest companies such as Alphabet and Meta gearing up and positioning themselves right in the midst of the transformation.

With blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn model receiving massive traction and interest in the past year, it is safe to assume that this sector will blow up next. The number of blockchain-based games continues to increase by the day, however, in an industry so bold, it is just the beginning.

Several blockchain-based gaming projects stand out because of their approach and road map. One such metaverse gaming project is ChainWars, an all-new game that incorporates several blockchain technologies, such as NFTs, decentralization, and governance all in a bid to capture the modern player’s attention.

What is ‘ChainWars’?

ChainWars is a play-to-earn metaverse card game based on the gameplay based in space making it very interesting and interactive. The project could be considered as a metaverse on its own as it contains its native token, NFT market place and unique in-game assets (NFTs) ensuring that it is a fully functional ecosystem. These attributes of the project make it attractive to the “new-age gamer” who looks to play and earn simultaneously.

The game focuses on quality user experience by adopting a community-driven approach where players can work together to help build each other’s characters. To achieve this, the developers ensured to come up with an interesting sci-fi story, interactive platform, and an attractive visual design that is attractive and unique to ChainWars. The storyline which is based in space involves unending galactic warfare between various entities such as machines and humans.

The highlight of the game is the digital collectible card game (DCCG) where the goal is to set up a strong and diverse card deck to use for competing with other players in the game. Players aim to pick different cards as they come up with a strategy to beat their opponents in the game. However, as decentralization and the concept of communities are encouraged in this new era, players can exchange cards (as NFTs) to help each other win various battles.

All cards are upgradeable and can be traded as NFTs, therefore, allowing players to earn real-world value all while having fun.  An upgrade to a card makes a card stronger in one way or the other, while at the same time making the card more valuable. In the ChainWars NFT marketplace, a valuable card will fetch more than a beginner card which is yet to be upgraded. The cards in ChainWars differ either by species, type, or rarity.

ChainWars Essence ($CWE)

$CWE is the native token of the ChainWars ecosystem. The token is a utility token that serves various purposes such as; governance, purchasing NFTs, and accessing various seasons and tournaments within the game. As it is essential for every player in the ChainWars metaverse, the tokens value looks to increase in value proportionally to the number of players in the ecosystem.

ChainWars have come up with a creative loop approach that will ensure the in-flow and out-flow of $CWE to ensure that the ecosystem remains balanced and healthy. Through ChainWars community efforts, this loop will allow for an infinite circulation of assets in and out of the ecosystem, making it very attractive for long-term players and investors alike.

Looking forward

ChainWars is also unique in that while it was developed by a small team, it has grown to a community, which makes most of the decisions, ensuring that they handle the players’ interests first hand. Additionally, to ensure the success of the project, the team has partnered with various key entities in the space such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Unity, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap among others.

In conclusion, ChainWars have adopted various trends in the blockchain space such as NFTs, governance, and decentralization which goes to show their commitment and dedication towards a fully functional metaverse.

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Author: Traciwininger

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