Chapter 3: Odyssey. The Odyssey to the real Decentralized… | by Delysium | Mar, 2022

The Road to a New Odyssey | Delysium

After the conflict erupted, although the MetaBeings are steadily losing ground under the onslaught of digitized humans, the MetaBeings became increasingly united, with many members gradually becoming Zealots and adhering more and more to the idea of independence, freedom and equality. During the New Enlightenment, based on the proposal of a small group of members, called the Prophet, some residents from both the MetaBeings and digitized humans are planning to go out of CenterCity, and set off for a further and deeper destination in Delysium. And the Odyssey to the real Decentralized Elysium is just beginning.

Dedicated to this great movement and the members who participated in it, Delysium will soon launch a series of N.E Posters and N.E Badges that will be gradually revealed as the story unfolds.

The MetaBeing fractions are steadily losing ground every day, and apart from that, increasingly, more resistance forces even joined the fractions of digitized humans and participated in the hunting of their own kinds.

However, those native residents only retreated but did not surrender.

As the New Enlightenment intensified, after a long period of suffering from continuous armed conflict and values shock, some members have gradually shifted from a conservative or neutral advocates to Zealots.

Zealot | N.E Badge | Delysium

For them, as long as it is something they strongly believe in, the conflict between beliefs seems to be impossible to eliminate by peaceful means until the body fades away. They are fanatical because of their vision, and they will sacrifice everything because of this fanaticism.

After repeatedly falling down, the MetaBeings still hold on to their value, caressing their wounds and continuing to resist majestically and unyieldingly. But in the end, the disparity and gap in power was too great, and the MetaBeing resistances and troops were soon reduced to the last group.

Solemn Oath | N.E Poster | Delysium

They gathered at their last base and took a solemn oath to fight for the freedom and equality of MetaBeings, and most importantly, the ownership of properties in Delysium, to achieve the true Metaverse by establishing a self-governing organization of MetaBeings.

Delysium may never be perfect, but generations after generations have proved that it can be constantly improved. Now, the MetaBeings are gathered because they have been chosen by each other and select hope over fear.

At some point in the New Enlightenment, a group of members distinct from the majority emerged in both the digitized humans and MetaBeings who did not support the total domination of either side by the other.

Prophet | N.E Badge | Delysium

“For this revolution, the primary issue that digitized humans and MetaBeings face and need to address is the necessity to meet the urgently growing demands for resources by expanding and exploring digital space in a broader and deeper way. Secondly, we need to find a more reasonable way of distribution while ensuring equal rights and obligations for both parties.”

So said the Prophets.

From today on, let the MetaBeings unite, take heart, and begin to rebuild Delysium.

Residents constantly replaces and upgrades body parts and AI models | Delysium

During the brutal and lengthy confrontations, the MetaBeing resistances and troops gradually discover that Delysium should never be confined only to the Central City built by digitized humans, but to the wider Outlands.

These worlds are full of unknowns, but also nurture the hope and future belonging to the virtual species.

Cornfield Expedition | N.E Poster | Delysium

This time, the MetaBeings choose to put the responsibility of digital civilization on their own shoulders, proactively choosing to take on the pain of expedition and exploration, and setting off into the deeper layers of the digital world.

Perhaps, the future construction and development of the Metaverse should have been led by those native inhabitants of the digital world.

Only a blockchain-based virtual world is the true Metaverse, or Decentralized Elysium.

Although it seems that digital humans have maintained the faltering digital city-states in the past, as a result, they have ignored or missed the timing to access a wider, more fascinating and vibrant virtual world as a result. Everything seems to appear randomly, yet as if it was destined to happen.

Decentralized Elysium | N.E Poster | Delysium

While the AI-powered MetaBeings are heading towards Outlands, a group of members who are in line with MetaBeing’s philosophy and values are gradually appearing in the organizations of digitized humans. They are also planning to go out of CenterCity, and set off for a further and deeper destination in Delysium.

It is time to go now.

And the Odyssey to the real Decentralized Elysium is just beginning.

A real open-world, vividly AI-powered and completely player-owned MMO game that supports players in creating various personalized physical assets, narrative assets together with native AI MetaBeings.

With massive AI-powered MetaBeings distributed throughout the experience created and owned by the players, Delysium is buidling an immersive, supreme as well as dynamically generated open-world experience for all web3 vanguards around the world.

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