Beginner’s Guide To Decentraland. It all started when Facebook rebranded… | by Nipun David | Sep, 2022

Genesis Plaza — Decentraland

The purpose of creating Decentraland was to develop a decentralised virtual world that users own and run themselves. This is based on blockchain technology — Ethereum.

Below are the important building blocks that will help understand the Decentraland in a more tangible manner

A. Wallet —

Users can experience the Decentraland as a guest but if they want to fully enjoy the Decentraland then the platform recommends a digital cryptocurrency wallet as it allows users to log in from various devices and keep all digital assets and progress safe under one wallet address. Those who don’t know what a digital wallet is please refer to this.

B. Economy —

Like every other metaverse platform, Decentraland also has its own economy which is based on the token — MANA, it is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standards of the token.

  1. Primary Sales — when the item is purchased for the first time and these sales are done by Decentraland store smart contract. When a user makes a primary purchase of items, the store mints the item automatically transfers the item to the purchaser and sends the MANA proceeds to the beneficiary address. e.g. buying a wearable
  2. Secondary Sales — are performed by the Decentraland Marketplace’s smart contract. These occur anytime a user sells an item in the marketplace after it has been minted or purchased in a primary sale. Items can be sold for any price in a secondary sale.

C. Land —

Decentraland is made up of parcels of land parcels each size 16meters by 16meters. These parcels are owned by the users and all the digital content belongs to these parcels. When two or more parcels are grouped together they are called estates.

Complete Decenteraland on 20/09/2022
  1. DCL Real Estate
  2. Decentraland Property Group

D. Build a virtual scene

Decentraland provides SDK and a cloud-based builder to create a virtual scene, and either of them can be used to create a scene. But the fastest way is to first create a template scene using the builder and then download it and build more custom interactions in VSCode using the SDK.

Builder Window
  1. SDK 101
  2. Builder 101

E. Pre-Requisites for Publishing Scene

Although anyone can register and start creating a virtual scene in Decentraland using either SDK or builder but to publish a scene, creators need to make sure of the following checkpoints:-

  1. The scene should comply with the scene limitations — Link
  2. Own or rent out the necessary amount of land parcel
  3. A valid MetaMask account to which land parcel(s) is assigned to

F. Share Scene without Publishing on Decenteraland

Decentraland SDK allows the deployment of the preview on the private servers and then that can be shared among peers for testing and review without publishing it on Decentraland directly. So through this, there is no need to either buy the land or rent it.

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