Barclaycard Payments Joins BT to Benefit Business

Barclaycard Payments has joined the BT partnership network to help the small U.K. businesses grow, a press release from BT said Thursday (Aug. 11).

The partnership network is an effort by the British telecommunications provider to help micro-businesses with up to five employees, the release said. The idea behind the partnership is “boosting the growth of UK businesses and the public sector” and the company wants to look at bolstering customer experiences.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), which offers advice and finance expertise for small businesses, also joined the BT partnership recently.

Barclaycard’s signing will provide benefits including up to £100 off the cost of their business handset, and cashback for customers using their Barclaycard business card to buy any services from BT or mobile network and internet provider EE.

The release says the partnership will also deliver many perks for customers in broadband, mobile, connected devices and digital marketing.

FSB members will also be able to collect up to £250 toward running their social media and digital ad campaigns through BT’s Digital Marketing Hub, which lets businesses create, send and measure digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms. It will make use of AI tech to get better results.

“As they continue to brace themselves for what is an increasingly difficult trading environment, we want to give the nation’s smallest businesses the boost they may need to help them grow,” said Colin O’Flaherty, head of SME at Barclaycard Payments.

Barclaycard has done other partnerships to help smaller businesses.

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The company also teamed up with Liberis, an embedded business finance platform, to offer access to personalized, revenue-based financing.

With the partnership, customers will have access to Barclaycard Business Cash Advance, which will be designed to help fund SMBs with fixed-cost financing.

Barclays had a previous investment in Liberis of £34.5 million, or around $43.4 million, last year.

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