Avisa Games Guild partners with Managames in a first towards Enhancing the Fantasy Gaming Ecosystem!! | by Avisa Games Guild | Mar, 2022

We at Avisa Games Guild, are hyped into announcing our recent partnership with Managames, a next generation Peer to peer (P2P) Esports Challenges and Tournament Platform, that is dedicated towards enhancing the overall esports gaming experience by allowing you to create, compete, and earn rewards or cash prizes.

AGG has been working round the clock to ensure that the blockchain technology is put towards maximum utilization when it comes to gaming on blockchain and this partnership points out our effort towards enhancing the blockchain gaming ecosystem by adding multiple genres of gaming modes and platform, readily accessible to our loving community members.

We have been closely working with Managames with a mutual intention towards creating a metaversal community of blockchain gamers and this partnership marks the beginning of our mutual journey towards revolutionizing the blockchain gaming industry.

Benefits of this partnership with Managames

1. Introducing AGG Ecosystem to Fantasy Gaming

Managames’s is determined into facilitating numerous opportunities for blockchain gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the goodness of Fantasy sports and blockchain technology together under the same roof.

As a Gaming guild our responsibility Is determined towards providing our community members with various ways to earn passive rewards as they explore the world of fantasy sports and its adjoining tournaments on the blockchain technology.

2. Accelerate the growth of Managames Community

This partnership would aid Managames into achieving a community that is filled with organic and blockchain gaming enthusiast.

As a guild we would expose Managames to our community of gaming enthusiasts as an initiative towards providing our community with easy access towards fantasy gaming as well as accelerating the growth of Managames Community.

“Fantasy Sports on the blockchain technology would be considered as the next best thing in the decentralized ecosystem and we believe that our partnership with Managames, would encourage numerous gaming enthusiast to explore and look for numerous opportunities within the fantasy sports ecosystem.” — Said the founders of Avisa Games Guild

About Managames

Managames is a next generation Peer to peer (P2P) Esports Challenges and Tournament Platform, that is dedicated towards enhancing the overall esports gaming experience by allowing you to create, compete, and earn rewards or cash prizes.

Managames would allow users to create, compete and earn passive income as they utilize their skills and knowledge to indulge into the tournaments and events organised within the Managames community.

Managamesa allows users to create tournaments to challenge other players or can also option to challenge their own friends.

Peculiarities of Managames:

1. Safe and secure.

2. Designed for gamers.

3. World-Class Technology.

About Avisa Games Guild

Avisa Games Guild (AGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a gaming hub primarily focused towards investing into non-fungible tokens (NFT) that are essentially used within virtual worlds and blockchain based games.

As a guild our primary intension remains towards developing the blockchain gaming ecosystem by creating the world’s biggest virtual gaming economy, optimizing its community-owned assets to ensure maximum utility, and sharing its profits with its token holders.

Avisa Games Guild aims to integrate blockchains extensive technologies with NFTs to create India’s biggest gaming hub within the P2E Arena, enhancing and promoting P2E and its potentiality. AGG also intends to develop the potentiality of gamers around the world by offering them with exciting scholarships in order to help them achieve a financial standing within the society.

AGG would also facilitate a virtual world to accommodate our guild members to nourish, build and thrive within these virtual environment surrounded by competitive gamers, artists, and content creators that populate the metaverse.

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