As you know, the Metaverse is a much broade concept than just a virtual game, combining virtual… | by space.hilary | Aug, 2022

  • Several well-known fashion brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, offer their customoers an immersive 360- degree experience of fashion shows using in-store virtual reality headsets.
  • Toms, the shoes company, used VR technology to launch a digital donation campaign started by giving away a new pair of shoes to children in need with every pair of shoes purchased. The company’s employees and partners will then travel the world on this gifting trip and give shoes to the children directly. By partnering with tech company VR within, Toms can invite their customers on a charity trip, witness children receive shoes and see their reactions when using viertual reality headsets at shop. Customers can even virtually meet the recipient and see their living conditions
  • Augmented Reality (AR):
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