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Affyn is a P2E (Play-To-Earn) game where the virtual and real world converge. Their metaverse is a geolocation-based app that will be based on a world named NEXUS — where players are able to own buddies and land, conduct PVP, and work together to defeat bosses. If you’re thinking that ‘Oh, this must be a paid app just like most games!’ , you’re wrong. It is completely free to play, and what more, one can even earn FYN tokens which can be converted to physical currency!

The NEXUS World, where one will be able to conduct a variety of virtual activities

As we all know, there is a metaverse boom especially in Asia, resulting in many competitors and metaverse companies. However, what makes Affyn so unique? Some reasons are stated below:

  1. Sustainable game economy

One flaw of regular play-to-earn game models is that they are short-term and unsustainable, which will lead to a collapse of a game’s economy. In most pay-to-earn games, as the company does not have an actual revenue, they would have no choice but to mint more tokens to satisfy players’ needs, creating inflation and decreasing the token’s value, leading to an eventual collapse of the game economy. However, Affyn’s approach to combat this issue is to create a sustainable game economy that rewards both existing and new players by creating real-world utiilty of tokens and ensuring a steady influx of tokens through merchants and players.

2. Closed-loop economy

Affyn’s closed-loop economy is important in ensuring the stability of the FYN tokens as it can be utilized in both the NEXUS World and the real world alike. Besides earning from the virtual world through methods I have mentioned above, non-players will be attracted to use FYN tokens that will drive up its value. These include merchants offering special discounts or benefits when FYN tokens are used for payments in restaurants, shops and even for leisure. Furthermore, companies, marketers or merchants will pay to host campaigns, events or promotions on a players’ land. This allows a steady stream of passive income for players.

3. No staking policy

Unlike other games, Affyn’s no staking policy ensures that there will be no inflationary pressure or effects on the FYN tokens, and thus allowing the tokens to gradually achieve its potential as the game progresses without the increase of FYN token outflow.

The lies a variety of ‘buddies’ in the NEXUS World.

Buddies are wildlife of the NEXUS World that players can capture or purchase, and they are unique NFTs. Unlike other NFTs, buddies can be raised, be stronger and grow together with their owners, which will create a sense of companionship. There is a fixed number of buddies in the NEXUS World, which will surely increase their value. However, what are so special about them? What separates them from other NFTs?

  1. Buddies can participate in a multitude of activities

Buddies, being a players’ companion, will be able to partake in a myriad of activities with their owners to strengthen up, including quests, raids, PVP, work, and have benefits to the owner. For example buddies can complete quests, whether organized by Affyn or other players, to earn FYN tokens. What more, some quests will also encourage users to initiate get-togethers with friends and family, thereby fulfilling Affyn’s vision, which is

“To bring people closer together and remind what truly matters in life are our friends and family.”

2. Buddies are incredibly versatile

The NEXUS world is constantly evolving. This keeps the game fun and our players engaged. For each species of buddies, there is a fixed number of wild buddies that can be discovered. Once they’ve all been caught, they will never reappear in the NEXUS world again, leaving room for new species of buddies to appear and frolic.

Besides the rarity of buddies, buddies are very versatile, as they can be used not only inside NEXUS World, but in other games as well, including future Affyn games and other partnered games.


With a multitude of applications for NEXUS Land, it will surely be valuable in the years to come. NEXUS Land is a hexagonal piece of land based on the real world that is tradable and purchasable amongst players, and owners of Land will have some perks too, as shown below!

  1. Income from activities on Land

When activities such as quests or raids are conducted on a particular piece of land, a small percentage of FYN tokens earnt by the player will be transferred to the owner of that parcel of land. Imagine being a land owner and not having to do anything to get FYN tokens. That would be wonderful!

2. Structures

Owners of NEXUS land can construct different types of structures on their parcel of land. These include facilities, nature and decorations that other users can interact with. For example, a NFT item shop or arcade would allow the land owner to earn FYN tokens, while nature structures allow buddies, raid enemies and treasure to appear on the land too!

3. Lease or host

Users can lease their NEXUS Land to companies for marketing, promoting and advertising events/campaigns to generate a passive income. Besides, land owners can also host their own campaigns or activities for other players in which they can charge for in FYN.

The successful Gen Zero Buddies sale in July

On 6th July 2022, Affyn organized their first sale of NFTs, which was the Gen Zero NFT buddies. They included Gagamaru, Pigasus, Floomph, and Nessie. This first set of buddies only consisted of 400 in total. It was a huge success as all the buddies were sold out in 100 seconds, and prices of these precious buddies skyrocketed to over 30x the original amount! How fascinating is it!

The ALPHA event is coming soon, don’t miss it!

If you missed the Gen Zero Buddy sale, don’t fret — There is an upcoming sale for NEXUS Land, and a highly anticipated ALPHA event coming soon on 30th September, where the NEXUS World demo and trailer will be unveiled!

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