3Landers announce plans to bring their colorful world to life in Core | by Manticore Games | Sep, 2022

We’re excited to welcome 3Landers to the Core Metaverse! As part of the Core Collabs program, 3Landers announced plans to bring the wonderful world of 3Land to life, including a social hub for gaming and vibing, in-metaverse events, and integrations with official 3Landers collections.

Launched in February 2022, 3landers began as an NFT project for art and community, building around bright and colorful cartoon profile pictures by artist and cofounder 3Landboy (Pom). They have since grown to thousands of owners and hundreds of thousands of fans across an expanding universe of characters, treasures, and environments.

3Landers’ mission is to build meaningful long-term connections through adventure, building, and dreaming, which resonates strongly with our mission to enable new creative and economic opportunities across the metaverse. With Core, these digital items transform into avatars, magical abilities, and immersive biomes, all interoperable across 3Land.

Here are a few of the things in store for the Core and 3Landers communities:

  • A game jam with $50K+ in prizes for creating content for 3Land
  • A bootcamp with Core instructors teaching creators how to hone their skills
  • A 3D immersive social hub featuring games, jam winners, and more

The adventure is just getting started. For more info and to chat with both the 3Landers and Core teams, join our Fireside Chat today, Thursday, Sep 22 at 4pm Pacific, and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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Author: Traciwininger

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