The Sandbox And GateChain – Positions Challenged By The New Meme Coin, Big Eyes

Every day, the cryptocurrency market witnesses the launch and entry of a new crypto project. Unfortunately, the rate at which these projects hit the market makes it quite hard for a crypto enthusiast to grasp the concept of one innovation before another starts trending. However, with a project like Big Eyes (BIG), enthusiasts can learn about these projects while generating wealth.

Novel projects like the Sandbox (SAND have taken the crypto world by storm with the advancement in the virtual gaming world. Sandbox (SAND) is one of the huge steps taken to actualize the metaverse, and so far, it has helped pioneer other advancements in the virtual world.

However, to new entrants and enthusiasts, the concept of this metaverse might be quite hard to grasp, especially with the basics of crypto that one must understand.

As a result, the creators of Big Eyes (BIG) have incorporated features and tools to simplify Defi and other key innovations in the cryptocurrency space. This will help new entrants and enthusiasts scale, explore, and understand advanced platforms, including Sandbox (SAND) and GateChain (GateToken).

As they explore these projects, the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem will self-propagate to ensure its users gain wealth and realize profits from all angles.

Big Eyes With The Special Use Case To Save The Ocean With The Backing Of Blockchain Technology

Big Eyes (BIG) will help build publicity and create awareness for their cause with the help of mainstream and influencers.
Big Eyes (BIG) will help build publicity and create awareness for their cause with the help of mainstream and influencers.

Several ocean-saving charities get little to no recognition for their cause to protect water sanctuaries and the aquatic lives within them. However, Big Eyes (BIG) has set aside a special charity wallet that will hold 5% of the total BIG tokens to support the ocean-saving cause. In addition, users can make donations in BIG tokens to also show support and help the platform inch towards its goal.

Asides from the contributions, Big Eyes (BIG) will help build publicity and create awareness for this cause with the help of mainstream and influencers. Additionally, the platform will have an NFT marketplace that accommodates aquatic-themed NFTs just to save the ocean. These NFTs will be promoted until they add value to the ecosystem and serve as excellent fundraisers for the cause.

The project will also have a merchandise store that accommodates physical and digital products where enthusiasts and entrants can get items to support the platform. This will contribute to enriching the BIG token users and fundraising for the ocean-saving goal.

How To Buy Big Eyes Token

If you want to be part of the wealth-generating ecosystem, you have to buy BIG tokens. This can be done in simple steps, which include:

  1. Log onto the official website at https://bigeyes.space/
  2. Tap the“Buy Now” icon at the top right corner of the website.
  3. Go to the“buy” section and connect your wallet as instructed.
  4. Buy the BIG tokens with BNB, USDC, or ETH.
  5. Claim your BIG tokens.

The platform advises you to set up a MetaMask wallet if you don’t have one. Also, use your laptop/desktop when purchasing a seamless buying experience.

The Big Eyes Ecosystem

Big Eyes (BIG) will be a community token that expressly seeks to move wealth in the Defi ecosystem. There’ll be 200 billion of these community tokens in circulation, and each one will generate wealth for the community and the charity.

In addition, the ecosystem will leverage influence from boulder holders and mainstream media to gain hyper-growth and provide content and special events to make the platform worth boarding.

Big Eyes (BIG) will have a dynamic tax system that lets you pay little to no fees when making trades and swaps with the BIG tokens on platforms like GateChain (GateToken).

The Big Eyes (BIG) platform promises to be a profitable ecosystem with features. So be a part of the enriching project today and help save our water sanctuaries!

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/


Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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