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Looking for the right exchange platform comes of course to your personal preference. Whether you want to have good design, and features, or you just want an exchange with the lowest fees. It is really hard to find the best crypto exchange nowadays, due to the fact that there are too many of them. That is why we put up a list of the best crypto exchange platforms that most people are using. Which also shows that they have full confidence in those exchanges, and of course each of them we reviewed. There are also exchanges that really focus on the security of your tokens, so no one can take them away from you.

We hope that this guide will give you a clear overview so you can choose the best crypto exchange that suits your needs, and style. Without further a due, let us jump right into it. 

The best crypto exchange apps on the market

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a lot of apps/platforms and it can be tricky to find the right one for you. You have to do a lot of research in order to find the right one. Developers are constantly improving and coming up with new features and better designs, which will make your decision a bit harder. Now the list of the best crypto exchanges:

  1. eToro – the best crypto exchange worldwide
  2. Binance – the one with the lowest commissions 
  3. Coinbase – one of the best exchange platforms for beginners
  4. Crypto.com – great user-friendly interface
  5. Webull – great for smaller investments
  6. Kraken – one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms
  7. DeFi Swap – the best decentralized crypto exchange

These are the best crypto exchange platforms currently on the market. Each one is unique and they stand out with their features, usability, and security. Of course, you are always free to do your own research as well. If you do that, make sure to consider some key factors. Foremost is security, that is one of the important things. The fees are also playing an important role, and then you should also not forget its usability. 

eToro – the best crypto exchange worldwide

This is for sure one of the best exchanges with over 500 cryptocurrencies to choose from. It offers a lot of features that we will present to you. First among many others is that you only need to deposit $10 to start, which is also the minimum requirement to trade. Another great feature is the eToro Crypto Portfolio. Here, you can invest in several cryptocurrencies in order to minimize your risks. 

Another interesting feature is that you can copy another eToro trader. Whenever he is trading, you will automatically too. This is great in terms you want to do day trading with low risk. You can of course first check and follow the desired trader, and see his results in the past, before you make a decision. 

When it comes to security, it is regulated by SEC and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which makes it really safe for users. It also has an app for your smartphone, so you can trade from any place. You can also trade commodities, stocks, forex, and more. This is one of the best crypto exchanges for a reason, due to its awesome features, user-friendly interface of the app, and its 1% fee when buying or selling cryptos. 

Binance – the one with the lowest commissions 

In case you are looking for an exchange with the lowest commission for exchange, then Binance is the right deal for you. It only charges 0.10% per trade, which is extremely low. On a total stake of $1000, you will pay just $1 in fees. That is why it is the platform with over 100 million users globally. 

It also offers over 600 cryptocurrencies to choose from, depending on which country you are registered.  In case you deposit your funds via Visa or MasterCard, the fees will be 4.5%. Just have that in mind in case you are using your cards to fund your wallet. There is also an option to open a savings account where you can earn interest if staking a certain coin, which is modern nowadays in the crypto world. 

Coinbase – for beginners

As mentioned, this one is super easy to use with its intuitive and friendly user interface, you will finish the setup in a couple of minutes. Because of this feature and over 500 cryptocurrencies to choose from, over 70 million users trust this exchange. It is also one of the safest platforms out there. Because your private key is stored on your device, and not on the servers. That way, you are protected in case of attacks from hackers. 

It also gives you the possibility to stake your coins and earn interest. Currently, it offers six tokens which include Tezos, Ethereum, USDC, Dai, Cosmos, and Algorand. The APY varies from the coin and it is in the range from 0.15%  up to 5%. It has a fee of 3.99% for debit/credit card transactions, which is a bit high compared to the others. 

Crypto.com – no purchasing fees in the first 30 days

This exchange has gained the trust of over 10 million users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, where you can trade cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the fee, you will have a 0.4% if you buy or sell. That fee can even be lowered in case you are going to use CRO. You will also gain huge benefits for staking their coin CRO, where you will receive a whopping 34.6% annual percentage yield. Other coins are also very profitable in terms of staking. The USDC will bring you up to 10% APY, whereas USDT will give you an amazing 14.5%. 

For new users, they have a great option where in the first 30 days of purchasing cryptos with your debit or credit card, you will have no fees at all. After those 30 days, you will then have a standard fee of 2.99%

Webull – great for smaller investments

As mentioned, Webull is an awesome opportunity even for newbies, who do not have a big capital to start with. You only need $1 to stake so you can begin trading, which is great. After you complete your first crypto trade, you will receive a $5 reward. Also, there are great charting tools that will help you in your trading, where you can analyze all kinds of data. You will also find many educational guides, that will teach you the basics you need to know regarding crypto trading. Another great thing that you should know is that it is SEC-regulated, which means that you can invest via a retirement account. 


Kraken – one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms

Kraken is one of the oldest platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies that was founded back in 2011. With low fees and many options, it is one of the best crypto exchanges you will find. It is available in more than 176 countries, and it offers great customer support. In terms of security, it offers multi-layered security, which conducts security keys, Two-factor authentication also known as 2FA, and the Authenticator app. You have the options to choose which of these security options suits you the most. 

The fees are really low and depend on the amount of the transactions. In the range between $0 to $50.000, you will pay a 0.16% maker fee or 0.26% taker fee. As you make transactions above 50K, the fees will be lower in both directions. You can check the details on their official page. 

DeFi Swap – the best-decentralized crypto exchange

This platform has a lot of features where you can link your crypto wallets, swap, stake, and receive yield from them. Their native coin DEFC is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).  You will literally need seconds to connect your wallet, and then you can start instantly. The DeFi Swap supports over 50 altcoins and stable coins you can choose. As mentioned, you will receive yield for holding the native token DEFC, which has its own community-driven ecosystem.


There are a lot of exchanges now on the market, and we always recommend that you do your own research regarding them. We have presented you with the best crypto exchange that is currently on the market and shared its features, to give you a better overview. So you can have it easier when it comes to decision-making. You now have all the facts, and a clear view of those platforms, and you should choose the one that really suitts your personal preference.  

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