Pueblo ‘Clowncoin’ cryptocurrency hopes for growth

A Pueblo native and his partners have launched a new cryptocurrency called Clowncoin. The digital currency can be used on crypto exchanges, at some retailers and with money transfer services like PayPal.

A Pueblo native and his partners who have launched a new cryptocurrency called Clowncoin are hoping the digital currency will grow to become a household name despite recent volatility in the industry. 

Dave Mattarocci is a 30-something East High School and Pueblo Community College information technology graduate who is working to get the word out about Clowncoin on social media. By day he is a first responder, and in his free time he is a volunteer plugging the cryptocurrency on Telegram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter

Mattarocci sat down with the Chieftain to explain cryptocurrency, recent news about the investment option and how he believes Clowncoin is different. 

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What is cryptocurrency?

“Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that it is a newer concept which is starting to grow,” he explained. “The purpose is to invest and make money or use it as a form of paying for services.” 

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