Convince Your Anti-Crypto Friends That Crypto Is Worth Using

Cryptocurrency is consistently growing in popularity, but it’s not a hit with everyone. If you have some anti-crypto friends, they may shut you down every time you try to talk about the merits of this new type of currency.

Eventually, crypto could swell in acceptance and popularity to the point where it becomes a dominant form of international currency – and you certainly don’t want your anti-crypto friends to be left in the dust.

So how can you convince them to come around?

The Dynamics of Persuasion

It’s notoriously hard to change someone’s mind, and rightfully so. People often form opinions on topics after a period of study and reflection. Some people study and reflect more than others, and have more information on a given topic, but this has little correlation with the strength of the opinion formed. In other words, people sometimes hold very strong beliefs even in the absence of sufficient research.

Why is this the case? There are a variety of potential explanations. Some people associate opinions with identity, and don’t want to sacrifice an opinion for fear that they’ll lose an element of their identity; this is one reason why political opinions tend to be so entrenched.

Other people form strong opinions on topics because someone they respect also holds that opinion; a hot take from a social media influencer or podcaster is all it takes for them to feel the same on a given subject.

But no matter what, if a person has made up their mind, they’re going to be extremely reluctant to move from their position. If you try to attack this type of person, or if you make it clear that you’re out to persuade them, you’re instantly going to trigger their defensive side.

Even if it contradicts your instincts, the best way to persuade someone is not to directly confront or persuade them; instead, it’s to help them discover a new opinion from the ground up. Instead of trying to change their mind, you have to give them all the materials necessary to help them change their own mind.

The Introduction

Your first responsibility is going to be introducing the subject. Chances are, the person you’re trying to persuade doesn’t really understand how cryptocurrency works or what the blockchain is. Explaining the blockchain to a non-expert can be difficult, especially if you’re fuzzy on the details yourself, so try to keep things light and accessible. For example, you can describe the blockchain as a sort of digital ledger where several individuals in a connected network verify each other’s transactions.

You could also show them a brief explainer video detailing how the blockchain works and how it powers cryptocurrency. If you go this route, make sure to choose a video that’s short, clear, and made for amateurs. If the topic becomes too confusing or too complicated, your friend may become overwhelmed or disinterested.

Showcasing the Advantages

Remember, you’re not trying to change your friend’s mind directly. Instead, you’re trying to give them the information they can use to come to a new set of conclusions. To that end, it’s in your best interest to showcase some of the best advantages of cryptocurrency.

These include:

  • Decentralization. Cryptocurrency isn’t dependent on a central bank or any system of government. It can be sustained and used regardless of who’s in power or what economic policies are in place.

  • Immunity to fraud. Crypto is highly secure and practically immune to fraud since every transaction is fully authenticated. There are still some security issues, but they tend to be minimal and easy to circumvent.

  • International potential. Because it’s not affiliated with any one country, crypto can hypothetically be used in any country, making it a viable international standard.

  • Privacy. Cryptocurrency is also beloved because of its inherent privacy. You can use it to fund transactions you’d rather not be subject to reporting or public scrutiny.

  • Inclusivity and transactional freedom. Anyone and everyone can get involved in cryptocurrency. Your accounts can’t be frozen and you can’t be denied service. This makes crypto highly inclusive and supportive of transactional freedom.

  • Portfolio diversification. As an investment, crypto has a lot of potential to help you diversify your portfolio. You may even see impressive gains with a crypto investment – if you can withstand the short-term volatility.

Getting Over the Learning Curve

At this point, your friend might be convinced that cryptocurrency is a good thing, at least for some people. But they may not be convinced that cryptocurrency is worth using in their own life. In this scenario, the most challenging obstacle is usually the learning curve associated with buying, exchanging, and using cryptocurrency in a real environment.

You can help your friend get over the learning curve in several ways.

  • Show them in real time. Show them your own Bitcoin wallet or pay for dinner using cryptocurrency. Crypto becomes far less intimidating and looks much more practical when it’s used in an everyday environment.

  • Gift them some crypto. You could also just gift them some cryptocurrency. This will incentivize them to spend the money and figure out how the system works by going through the proper steps to do so. Alternatively, if they hold on to the currency for long enough, they may see it grow in value, giving them more faith in cryptocurrency overall.

  • Walk them through their first purchase. Of course, one of the most straightforward ways to help them is to guide them through their first purchase. But you don’t want to be overbearing or condescending in this pursuit; only provide assistance if they truly want it.

You may not be able to convince your anti-cryptocurrency friends to turn over a new leaf overnight. You may not ever be able to convince them of the benefits of the currency, even if it grows in popularity to become an international standard.

But with the right approach, you can at least introduce them to the benefits that other people see in cryptocurrency and potentially open their minds to persuasion in the future.

Author: Traciwininger

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